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Sunday, February 21, 2021

CNY Bouquet

I received this lovely Chinese New Year gift from my son's girlfriend.

What a sweet gesture!

Red (roses) for good luck and *Caishen (white pompom chrysanthemum) for prosperity.

* Caishen aka The God of Prosperity is characterized by his winged hat.

You can read about  Caishen here and the symbolism of the color red here.

From the archives.
Me and a mascot of The God Of Prosperity (2018)

Would you have guessed that these roses were made of soap?


  1. What a nice gift and it's the first time I see roses made from soap.
    Happy Chinese New Year.

  2. Beautiful bouquet! No, I would not have guessed the roses were made of soap! Very clever!!


  3. What a beautiful gift. I never seen roses made out of soap and it would be hard to tell the difference.

  4. Dear Veronica,
    a really nice gift from your son's girlfriend. I never thought the delicate rose petals were made of soap ... Glad to see a photo of you with Caishen. Also from me the best wishes for a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year!
    Take care
    PS: I am an Ox in the Chinese horoscope :-)

  5. I have never heard of roses made of soap! It's a beautiful gift, as those red petals seem authentic!
    Have a nice week Veronica!

  6. oh that's cute, what a nice girl to give it to you

  7. The girl's gesture was very beautiful. The gift is special, and its significance, the significance of colors, is impressive. Enjoy them to the fullest!

  8. Veronica, if you have a year filled with prosperity and good luck, you will be the envy of us all. As for the roses being made of soap, you will never want to use them!

  9. That was nice of her! I like the rose soap. That is a great idea...and they look so realistic!

  10. Very pretty - a nice gift for you!
    Thanks for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2021/02/more-from-last-weeks-peek-at-cedar-creek.html

  11. A very cute and good smelling gift! The girlfriend is trying to come in the good graces of future mother in law? (Don't have to answer that). The roses would bring me in a bind - do I use the soap (after some time?) or do I leave it as a decoration? I love the white wooly face! Thank you for your prayers, and have a great week, Jesh

  12. What a thoughtful gift and cute heheh! those Roses LQQK so realistic

    I liked the photo of you and The God Of Prosperity :-)

    Nice post Veronica :-)

    Have a bloomingtastic safe week 😷😷😷

  13. The roses look so real! Very sweet gesture. It's nice when your kiddo has a thoughtful girl. :)

  14. Soap? unbelievable! I thought for sure your gift was real flowers.

  15. Beautiful gift indeed!
    Belated Happy New year!

  16. Good luck for the OX year 🙏 last week I made search about Chinese calender and I learned many new informations ☺️

  17. Dear Veronica,
    A beautiful gift and idea for this special day. A lot of good wishes,

  18. What a great gift with so much meaning. Gramma has some soap that looks like roses, it is really neat.

  19. That is a beautiful gift to receive. The soap roses are amazing.

  20. ...it's nice that the flowers have meanings.

  21. What a lovely gift and thanks for explaining the importance of the colors.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

  22. I like a lot these kind of symbols.
    You must be so happy for this precious gift!
    I had some roses from soap, in a pale pink, but very small.
    Nice to look, less to use! :)
    Thank you Veronica for these lovely images, part of your life!
    Happy WW!

  23. Very beautiful soaps🌹🙃🌹
    Do they smell as good as real roses🤔

  24. What a sweet and wonderful gift! have you tried the soap roses? Have a marvellously Happy day!

  25. How?! Soap in the shape of roses ?! Super!
    The bouquet is wonderful, both as a beauty and as a symbol.
    Wish you a wonderful day, Veronica!

  26. What a lovely bouquet! I would never have guessed that the roses were made of soap.

  27. Veronica,

    How sweet of your son's girlfriend to give you the bouquet! And, I would've never guessed the roses weren't real and that they are made out of soap. That's some real artwork! ;)

  28. you receieved a very beautiful gift ;)

  29. The roses are made of SOAP??? No, I never would have guessed. Your son's girlfriend is thoughtful.

  30. A very thoughtful--and useful!--gift!

    Your link is a great addition to 'My Corner of the World' this week!

  31. Beautiful bouquet, and the roses look so real.
    Can't believe your son already has a girlfriend. I guess we've been bloggy pals for much longer than I remember.

  32. That is fun to get. Here red stands for love. Friendship is yellow.