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Sunday, October 25, 2020


Yesterday, my sister from Singapore texted me and shared the tragic news that the daughter of a mutual friend of ours had taken her own life.

She was 23.

My sister and I were both shaken by the heartbreaking news.

My first thought was for the mom of the deceased.

I wept for her. 

No mother should ever have to go through this. 

Suicide never really steals the life of just one person and no parent should ever bury their child.

No one suspected our friend's daughter was struggling with depression or maybe we just didn't recognize the signs.

She always seemed so chirpy and full of zest for life.

We are still grappling with the news of her sudden demise.

I feel compelled to share this video my sister sent and hope to bring awareness to those in need.

This video contains themes some viewers may find distressing

Doreen and Elaine helped to set up the PleaseStay movement in Singapore, addressing youth mental health and suicide.  

If you ever find yourself in a dark place in your life, PLEASE let that one spark of light in.

Hold on to it.

Please, please, I beg of you, please STAY!

Talk to someone, anyone — a family member, a friend, your parish priest, counsellor or even a perfect stranger.

No matter how hopeless the situation, always remember where there is life, there is hope.

If you or someone you know have been affected by mental heath issues , please visit or befrienders,org

There is always someone there for anyone who needs someone.


  1. Hello,
    it's hard to understand why people take their own lives over and over again. You often don't recognize it because you never expected it, because they are so happy and positive in life.
    It is bad when parents have to bury their child, my sister had to do it twice with her two babies.
    November is also a month of suicides and time too.
    Many people here with us also take their own lives because they cannot bear all the circumstances.
    I wish you all the best with all my heart.
    Greetings Eva

  2. I'm really sorry for her, but especially for her parents...
    I have no words...

  3. For those who have never been there, it is hard to understand the depths of despair to which one must sink when suicide is the only option you find acceptable. A young man of 45 we knew recently took his own life. I suppose that ultimately though it was his decision to make.

  4. Oh, she was so young! I'm so sorry for the young woman who felt such despair...and for her family and friends who are left with the pain.

    I will share: I had a few medical "surprises" last after another. I was getting a new diagnosis every 6 six weeks for nearly 9 months and it nearly did me in. All I could do was cry ALL OF THE TIME. It was horrible. Fortunately, I had a bout of anxiety/depression a few years earlier and found a good I went back to her. She really helped me, thank God. Anxiety and depression are so very common...too common.

    I am sending prayers for this young lady and her family.

  5. I'm so very sorry, Veronica. Big healing hugs. ♥

  6. So sorry to hear that Veronica. I can't even imagine what her mom and family must be going through. It is such a tough time right now... harder than usual and we all need each other to get through it.

  7. I'm so sorry to hear that Veronica the worst thing is thse things to the people you least expect it to and going through a hard time mentally
    to you
    My condolences to her family and friends :-(

  8. Its so sad. So sad. Now words, really to express my feelings.

  9. This is awful. I will never understand why for people of that age and everything to live for in this beautiful world. Stay strong Veronica.

  10. Suicide and depression are such terrible experiences - my nephew struggled with depression as an adolescent. It was a terrible strain for the whole family as we tried to deal with it. I am glad to say he is in his 40's now, but I will never forget the dark days.

  11. I experienced suicide when a friend of mine took her own life. She was 19 at the time. Whutta waste, as is everyone of these. BIG Cosmic Cyper Hug to you!

  12. So sorry Veronica - for someone not skilled n this, it is hard to recognise inner struggle of feeling alone or abandoned, that their life is worth nothing.
    This is why I am against lockdown. Suicide and addictions go up immediately as ways of "coping."They sometimes call suicide the epitome of self hatred and has nothing to do with someone's looks, character, or accomplishments.
    If someone really wants to commit suicide they cover their tracks and make sure they succeed in their self-destruction. It is easier if their attempt is a "cry for help," because they leave a message that makes clear what they are up to. When we ran a teen group, a mother called me. Is my daughter with you? No. Mom told, she left a message that she was going to buy a button (in Dutch it is the same word for noose of a rope). I told her my suspicions and asked her to look at every possible place. Next morning I heard the news it was a botched up suicide attempt. She was in college, made good grades!
    My thoughts are with you, Jesh

  13. I'm so sorry for this friend and all of you. Suicide is tragic. I'm sending virtual hugs and real prayers for comfort. Thank you for sharing this. Spreading awareness and encouragement is important. I'm visiting today from the You're the Star blog hop. May you have a blessed week Veronica.

  14. Veronica, I'm sorry to hear such sad news. I hope the family gets all the support they need during this difficult time. #MCoW

  15. Oh, what sad news! My heart goes out to the young woman's family. Please Stay sounds like a wonderful group. Thank you for helping to publicize it. You are certainly saving lives.

  16. I'm having a blue moment myself just now so can't watch the video, but I am blessed to know that blue moments pass. I am so sorry that your friend's daughter was unable to see that light.
    Thank you for sharing at

  17. What a sad bit of news. I will keep you all in my prayers.

    New Zealand is beginning to make mental illnesses like depression more public, especially among men. Hopefully, it will save lives.

    It's great to see your link at 'My Corner of the World' this week !!

  18. I never understood suicide because there is always something to live for. Back in 1977 I lost my daughter who was four months old to S.I.D.S. (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). I never heard of this disease, but I surely know all about it now. She was highly intelligent for that age & was able to crawl around the floor in her own little way. She was also beautiful. At the time I was married to an alcoholic husband and naturally my eyes went straight towards him because I was at work. It's a long story, but he did not kill her it was definitely S.I.D.S. and do you know why they didn't call it a disease back then so they could get some government help to do more research on it? Because babies don't vote! Isn't that freakin' special. I had a mission and I went all the way to my congressman and I asked & this is what I was told & then I told him you people are stupid. What about 2 parents, who has a total of 4 parents and what about siblings brothers/sisters of those parents, aunts, uncles grandparents from both sides not to mention friends of all of those people. Shall I count them for you I said. Are you people nuts? Is this the excuse you're trying to pawn off on me. My child breathed after the fact and this was a break through, but guess what that wasn't enough. I will say this before I drag it out any further. In 1991, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome was declared a disease because my child breathed after the fact and therefore there was hope. Praise Jesus! Sorry if I bored you, but it is the truth, and I truly hope that because of my baby and my persistence a different baby will be saved. No parents should have to go through losing their own child on a technicality. It's our politicians that are way out of hand!!!

  19. I am so sorry my friend, but when you get on a subject like that it sort of shakes my cage if you know what I mean. If you want to delete it okay, and if you want to post it that's okay too! I hope all is well in your household, and remember your & their health comes first, love is always shared, and be safe always. Don't forget your masks and God bless you & yours!

  20. Very sorry, Veronica! Words, even have their power, sometimes are hiding. I wish strength to the parents, to you and to all her friends around.
    There is always hope, even in some moments of despair we don't see it.
    Unfortunately! :(

    Take care, my friend!

  21. I’m so very sad for her poor parents. Such a tragedy.

  22. An article that deeply impressed me ...
    Children are not well enough prepared for life. At the same time, life has become too hard.
    What can we do now? Let's be with them all the time. Let's encourage them, let's appreciate them, let's give them hope.

    The pain of a mother who has lost her child cannot be relieved by any words.

    Be safe, Veronica!

  23. Very sorry to hear this news. Lives are too precious to end this way. Take care.

  24. Big healing hugs.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

  25. That is heart breaking. My condolences to her family.

  26. News like this is very difficult to shake off.
    Sending hugs, Veronica.

  27. Always so sad that we don't understand their pain. Prayers for you and your sister and the girl's family and all who loved her.

  28. I only felt this low once in my life. My sister had a baby like Emerson and Margaret (had trisomy 18), when she was 15. We didn't find out she was prego until soon before she was due. I went home when she was induced, watched a baby be born for the first time, and turned around and watched him die. We had a quick funeral. Then I went back to school in KC. I felt like NO one understood. I couldn't sleep at night. I just worked hard on art. Thoughts ran across me, but I never acted on it. I understand that low point someone can have in life. Maybe it was good I had that low - it helped me to understand others. It also made me see that life doesn't have to stop at a low. Things do/can get better.

  29. IO am so sorry and send my condolences to her family and all who loved her.

  30. Suicide is a horrible thing. My deepest sympathy.

  31. I'm sorry. Thank you for this post.

  32. Often the very cheerful and funny people who entertain all others are often depressive people. Amongst the most famous comedians there are a lot of suicides. So it is very difficult to detect the disease. It must be horrible for the parents who will ask themselves "what have we done wrong" ?
    It just happened to my friend's neighbors, their son of 32 hang himself in the attic ! Terrible !

  33. What a sad story!
    It is always difficult to cope with these situations...
    Parents should never bury their children.
    All the best to those poor parents...

  34. I volunteered for many years at a suicide hotline. Suicide is a devastating thing. Sharing suicidal thoughts with others is difficult. But depression that leads to suicide is excruciating.

    Sending good thoughts and prayers to your friend.

  35. I have no words... it is just sad!

  36. Unfortunately the mental health system here in NZ is very very shoddy and so many people young and old take their own lives, it's sad, I've got 3 grown up children who are having to deal with their own mental health issues, unfortunately it is within my family so as a mum I can do the best I can and try to be there for them.

  37. Veronica, I have lost 2 family members and a dear friend to suicide so my heart goes out to you, your sister and certainly the family and friends of those who are grieving. Thank you for the courage to write this post and for sharing it with us at Friendship Friday at Create With Joy.

    CONGRATS for being one of our Featured Friends this week. People need to read your post, especially during this season!


  38. Oh I'm so sorry to hear this. We had a neighbor a few houses down who killed himself several years back. He owned a popular restaurant and everybody loved him. Nobody knew anything was going on.

  39. I remember a suicide in our school (Methodist Girls School in Raub, Pahang) back in the early 70s. The girl was 11 or 12. She was in a different so I didn't know her. So sad it's still happening in this day and age.

  40. :( sometimes life is just too hard to live.

    Take care!

  41. So tragic. We can never know what another person is going through. Everyone has different ways of coping.

    I hope your friend has all the support she needs to help her through this awful time.

  42. I’m so sorry Veronica. It is good you were able to find and post about the group that is helping with the problem. Youvery well may have saved other lives with this post.

  43. This is so sad. There are no words, but you've written a great post that will hopefully be read by and minister to someone who needs to see these words of hope.