Saturday, August 20, 2016


Oops! I think I must have freaked out the mailman just now! Earlier, after I had put on a sheet mask for like a minute, the doorbell rang. I had a serious internal debate whether to leave it on or not for a few seconds. Since it was an expensive mask, I wasn't going to give up all that juicy goodness and essences. I decided to leave it on. When I opened the door, I got the weirdest look from the mailman. I was quite sure he thought I was the Phantom of The Opera! While I was signing the package, I could see that he was trying hard not to stare.

Now, I am feeling really awkward. I wonder what he was thinking!
Have you guys ever been caught off guard in a sheet mask??

Cookies I made for a friend's 21st wedding anniversary

Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday


Topsy Turvy Tribe said...

The poor mailman, he must have thought you were part of a strange cult, so funny! #KCACOLS

betty said...

Such cute anniversary cookies! Too funny with the mailman. Gave him a good story to tell his family I bet!


Katy - Hot Pink Wellingtons said...

That's so funny! I love a face mask, but I've never had to open the door while wearing one. But if the situation called for it, I totally would - no way would I be washing it down the sink before it had done its stuff! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday

Melanie said...

Oh... way back when I had first gotten married, Clint left to go to the gym one night and I stayed home. I took a shower and put on just a t shirt, and put a green clay mask on my face. Somebody was at the side door and I heard keys jingling, and I thought it was Clint so I went to the door and opened it to let him in..... it was one of Clint's friends who we hadn't seen in like 3 years!! He was passing by and recognized our car, so he stopped to see if that was where we had moved to. SO embarrassing!

Soppymum Sara said...

Haha!!! Never a mask but the postman regularly saw me breastfeeding and therefore probably my nipple as I was struggling to walk to the door whilst holding a baby!!! #kcacols

Hena Tayeb said...

lol.. so funny.

Rebecca Taylor said...

Haha! Love it!! Good for you for answering!
I've been caught in the middle of breastfeeding my little one and answered the door to the poor postman with a baby on my boob!
Poor guy felt quite awkward I think! #KCACOLS

alissa apel said...

That's too funny! Here when the doorbell rings it's usually someone trying to sell something. I used to hide; to say I wasn't home. Now I don't even hide. If I didn't invite you - go away. Ha! I don't want to be sold anything. LOL I'll just sit there on the couch enjoying my movie, or whatever. They can ring the bell as much as they want.

The Domestic Dietitian said...

A similar thing happened to me with a mud mask and the UPS delivery person...I had completely forgot I had it on my face until I opened the door.

Great blog!