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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Ramadan Bazaar 2016

It's almost the end of the Ramadan month which means that Muslims all over the world have been  fasting from sunrise to sunset. In Malaysia, Ramadan bazaars have been mushrooming all over the towns and cities. Essentially, they're like our pasar malam (night markets), except that mostly food and beverages are sold. Muslims (and non-Muslims) get to pick from a smorgasbord of snacks on their way home from work for breaking their fast just before dusk.

Sharing these photos I've captured when I was at the bazaar to pick up some apam balik.

Otak-otak - a fish cake wrapped in banana leaves and grilled over a charcoal fire

Apam balik - Turnover pancake

Cucur Udang (Prawn fritters)


Barbequed chicken wings

Sugar Cane Juice. The contraption you see in the pic is used to extract the juice from the sugar canes

Roti Jala - a lacy and net-like bread/crepe/pancake

Satay - skewered meat grilled over a charcoal fire

A variety of desserts

Drinks. 'Air' pronounced as ai-yer is a Malay word for water

Cookies I made for Father's Day

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  1. Looks delicious and so colorful! The pink colors are a nice surprise and the lacy roti looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing and for making me drool again!

  2. Wow...I would be all over the prawn fritters!!!

  3. All those foods looks interesting and delicious! What exactly are the desserts?

  4. Yumbo! I can fast like that! Looks delicious.

    When does it end?

  5. They have everything one could ever want to eat!

  6. Oh my I am so hungry now! All that food looks just amazing. Happy Tuesday hun :)

  7. We went to an Indonesian place for Fathers Day this year and (among other things) had some of that yummy lacy like bread. Although everything was delicious, that was one of my favorite parts.

    I love these pictures.

  8. Great, yummy looking pictures!

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Looks very tasty! Stopping by from MBC.

  10. Thanks for this insight into Malaysian food. Its Ramadan here in Dubai too - X Here form the hop!

    For you information. Today at I have Brooke Moss (a contemporary romance) and her freebie e-book up for grabs - come see.

    Tomorrow I have the usual weekend creation blog hop (link up your pictures, reviews/creations etc,share and show it off) PLUS in light of the UK riots, a special post to accompany it.

    Shah. X

  11. I love seeing the type of foods other cultures eat. Very interesting!

  12. When I was living in Malaysia, I like it when its Ramadan season because most restaurants they offer buffet and its always a feast during dinner time. ;-)

  13. Wow this all looks so delicious - I would literally want to have them all! What a feast! #KCACOLS

  14. Oh man, I love to eat, so fasting sounds tough! But, I'd totally fast all day long if I got to eat food like that! It's always so interesting to see food from other cultures, and all of this stuff really looks so tasty. I bet the smell is mouthwatering! Thanks for sharing <3 #KCACOLS

  15. Look a great place with such bright and tasty food. Your photos bring it all to life:)

    mainy - myrealfairy


  16. Wow this looks amazing! Lots of delicious dishes! I remembered very well the famous Malaysian dish Satay! I have tried it a few times when I was there and also here in the UK and it is really nice, very tasty. I love that you have captured all the excitement of market and all the different food that you can find in Malaysia. Thank you so much for sharing this at #KCACOL. It is lovely to have you. Hope to see you again on Sunday, :) xx