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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Of Birth and Death

As I was decorating these baby shower cookies for hubby's co-worker, I was thinking of the irony of life. While we're celebrating the life of a newborn, somewhere out there, someone is mourning the death of a loved one.
Just yesterday, Josh came home from college, shaken and traumatized. A college student fell to his death just a little distance from him. Josh and his buddies were feeding the ducks at the campus lakeside when they heard a loud thud. At first, they thought the sound came from the construction site nearby but upon scanning the area, they saw a body sprawled on the ground several feet from where they were standing. Their first thoughts were the victim had collapsed from heat stroke which is a common occurrence in our very hot climate but as they approached the body, it was evident that the victim had fallen from a great height. The campus' auxiliary policeman was alerted and the victim was confirmed dead. Later, college officials revealed the case was suicide.

What drove him to such a desperate measure?  Did the pain of his existence become so unbearable, there was no way out but to end his young life? Wasn't there anyone who could have made a difference? I was told that suicide survivors instantly regret their decision the second they jumped. Though Josh didn't know the student, he was deeply affected by his death and wished he could have done something to prevent the tragedy. I am still reeling from the incident.

My heart breaks for his family  and I grieve for his mother. No parent should ever have to deal with this. I can't begin to imagine the pain they are going through. I want to pray for his soul and for God to give the people he had left behind the strength to brave through their sorrow. I want to hold my sons a little closer every night and remind them no matter how hopeless the situation may seem, suicide is NEVER the answer.


  1. Oh that is so sad about Josh' fellow college student. I too wonder why some feel that despair with life that they have to end it. It is such a terrible tragedy and it leaves the families and friends behind feeling guilty, wondering what they could do to have prevented it. This will definitely impact Josh and his friends for a long time. I hope the school did something to provide grief counselors in case any of the students needed to talk about what they experienced and saw. On the other side of it, adorable cookies for such a happy occasion of a new baby into a family!


  2. I can't even begin to imagine the pain his parents are going through. That poor young man...who felt he didn't have anyone to turn towards for help. It's so sad!!! I'm so sorry your son was there to witness it. I hope he is not traumatized by it. What a scary sight it must have been. But I agree with you...storms do not last forever. My prayers are with the young man's family now. May they get through this difficult time...

  3. The sadest thing for a parent is to burry his child ! this could break everyone heart !We are looking always for answers but one may say this was his destiny! Nobody can accept this easily... My prayers are for his family to be strong enough to deal will this...
    I hug you and I send you all my affection !You are such a fine talentated lady I am so proud I got the chance to know you !

  4. I can feel the pain for that family to loose some one so young.
    Coffee is on

  5. I am really sorry that Josh had to witness that. I'm sure he is very traumatized by the sight and the sound of that. Please be sure to make sure he has help and counseling available to him at school. I'm sure it is replaying in his mind.

  6. So very sorry to hear this and how traumatic for your son. I agree with the counseling part... that's not something that is easy to put out of your mind. Thinking of your son and this boy's family at this difficult time and keeping them in my prayers.


  7. I feel the pain behind your post, Veronica and I totally understand how shaken your son must have been at that sight. My prayers go out to the family of that student as well.

    Thank you for sharing the story. Helps me cherish life all the more.


  8. Oh how sad and awful!! Poor Josh for having to witness that. I can't imagine how traumatic that must have been for him. Prayers for the boy's family. Suicide leaves so many questions with out answers.

  9. My prayers go out to the family of the college student. It is so sad. If people only knew how many people cared about them. I will comment back ­ http://www.oldefashionmom.com/