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Monday, August 24, 2015

It's A Girl!

Most days, I dread reading the newspaper. Yet when I don't, I feel incomplete as if I have missed out on an indispensable part of my every day life. News that often hog the front page are always so depressing - plane crashes, terrorism, earthquakes, our sliding Ringgit and other horrible things.

And it's not everyday that you get to read about happy stuff like the births of pandas instead of my daily dose of dread. First it was giant panda Liang Liang and now Mei Xiang!

Liang Liang who is on loan from China to Malaysia's Zoo Negara, gave birth to a cub last Tuesday (18th August). Initially, there were concerns that Liang Liang and  her mate Xing Xing, were not hitting it off. Well, looks like they have overcome their intimacy issues.

It's a girl!
image credit -  The Star Malaysia

Let's toast to the first panda cub born on Malaysian soil! And to Mei Xiang too, for her twins who were born at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington, D.C on Saturday night!

Panda Cookies


  1. How cute! I love panda bears. They look so cuddly. The cookies turned out great!

    We call the pygmy hippos, tapir here some to.

  2. The baby is so small!! Always good to hear wonderful news like this of a new birth, no matter what species it might be :) Love the cookies :)


  3. pandaaa bear..super cute :). I always wanted to cuddle them directly. They look sooo huggable :)

  4. Aww don't they look so different when they're born!! I think it's sweet. :)