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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bake Sale

Rodney's school held a bake sale recently. Every class, society and club was required to set up a stall.
Rodney and his classmates baked emoji sugar cookies. He asked me to give their stall a boost with my decorated cookies. As it was a last minute request, I could only come up with 9 pieces. Can you spot my teddy cookies on the cupcake stand? They were sold out pretty fast!

The Science and Math Club
The  Art Club
The Japanese Language Club. Their stall raised the most money.
Rodney clowning around as he peddles the cookies
All proceeds from the sale went to their school's building fund.

This week's cookies for Mother's Day.
Forever Friends Bears


  1. I did spot your cookies :) What a great fund raiser the school did; always like a bake sale :)


  2. Don't you just LOVE those last minute requests???? You really came thru though. You must LIVE in your kitchen, mass producing these artistic delicacies.

  3. Hello! Those cookies for Mother's Day are a work of art! How can I get my hands on some of those?

  4. hummm que de beau biscuits il serait dommage de les manger.

  5. How do you make emoji cookies? They are too lovely to eat. I would probably preserve them for keepsake!

  6. They turned out really cute! School functions always seem to be told to at the last minute it seems.

  7. Hello.
    Could you go to my blog, on May 1st I speak about you for to give award to you because I like your blog. Your cookies are very very nice

  8. Your cookies look too good to eat! I bet they are delicious though. Great job.

  9. Yes I did spot your teddy bear cookies, I can see why they sold so quickly. They are adorable!

  10. they are so pretty they don't even look like cookies.. i don't know how i'd ever be able to take a bite out of them!