Friday, June 20, 2014

Shoe Bakery

While surfing the net for cookie ideas, I stumbled upon these pictures that screamed to be shared!  I thought they were shoe cakes at first. Turned out, they are wearable cake shoes created by designer Chris Campbell from Florida. Campbell's shop, perfectly  named Shoe Bakery , sells these mouthwatering looking heels and ballet pumps. And nope, they are not edible!

Love those Red Velvet ones.

More pics @


betty said...

They are adorable looking; couldn't wear them with those high heels; I would end up either killing myself or breaking a hip; those little girl ones are so cute too!

some people are so talented with what they come up to design.


Lizzy Allan said...

Oh wow, these are so cool! I'd love to get a pair for my best friend for her birthday ... she's a lover of shoes and an incredible cake maker/designer. They look so real too!

Miss Whalen said...

Oh my GOSH! Words cannot express how.m much I love these shoes! Pre-pregnancy, I used to wear shoes like this almost every day.

Now I want to eat a cookie and rummage through my closet :)

Joyce Lansky said...

These are certainly unique, but I'd be scared to wear them. If a hive of bees mistook them for food and chased me, I couldn't run in those high heels.

mail4rosey said...

Those are pretty cool looking!! I think I'd wear them for fun, at least once!

Robin Ronowicz said...

Wow these are amazing!! My daughter would love the little cupcake ones!!

alissa apel said...

Yummy shoes!

Tiffany said...

OH my word! These are AWESOME! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting!

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