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Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Disappearance of Flight MH370

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I am sure you would have heard by now of the mysterious disappearance of one of our planes, the MH370.  The Malaysian aircraft with 339 people on board (227 passengers and 12 crew members) vanished in the sky about an hour after leaving Kuala Lumpur on Saturday en route to Beijing. The whereabouts of flight MH370 remain unclear after contact was lost while it was travelling over Vietnamese airspace.
One of the four Americans on board the ill-fated flight was hubby's coworker.

There are many speculations and conspiracy theories floating around the net - terrorism, suicidal pilot, mechanical failure, hijack, accidental shoot-down by some country’s military....

To date,  no wreckage has been found which means there is still hope although the outlook is bleak.

Please join me in prayer while a massive, international search for the presumedly crashed aircraft continues....


  1. Oh no. It is devastating to watch it on the news and wonder how this could have happened and where are they but I could only imagine how one would feel to have a family, friend or co worker on that plane. Prayers for everyone involved and the loved ones & friends waiting for news.

  2. My heart is breaking for the families and friends on those on board. I will definitely keep them all in my prayers. What a terrible feeling, not even knowing what's happened to them and how horrible that your hubby's co-worker is among them. So so sorry to hear this. xx

  3. Such a horrible story. It's so sad and frustrating that nobody can give a clear answer as to what they suspect. Lots of speculation...and heartache for friends and family. I pray for those people who are waiting to hear.

  4. I have heard about it. It's so scary! I'm thinking of the families to everyone involved. I hate the unknown; when the outcome could be negative. Bless the people on the plane. It's not anything any normal person would want to happen. Please let the plane be found.

  5. SO terribly sad for all the families. I have a FB friend who's husband travels on that flight, but thankfully he was not on it. I have been keeping up with the news hoping that somehow answers will be found as to what happened.

  6. Yes, yes....I have read about this on our online news reports. Such a mystery and ever so sad that there are no clues to what happened. Scary, sad, mysterious....and now to add to the list, your husband's coworker was on the flight? My heart goes out to his/her family....and prayers for the loss.

    May you all find some comfort soon.

  7. My prayers went up instantly when I heard. It's heart-wrenching waiting to know. I'm sorry to hear about your husband knowing someone on board. It's awful as is, I can't imagine how it feels actually knowing someone on the plane. :(

  8. sending prayers to all affected by the lost flight - hopefully they will get answers soon ..

  9. I have not been to your blog for awhile, but at the time this was happening I was not watching any news and was shocked when I heard it brought up in conversation. I have heard at this point in time that maybe they have found it. I bet your husband was in shock.