Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hot Cocoa Spoons

Is the cold getting to you? Want something cute and yummy to cheer you up?
How does dipping these adorable owl marshmallow-decorated spoons into your hot chocolate for a fun wintertime treat sound?
Let Sandra Denneler @  show you how.

Marshmallows + Icing Eyes +White Chocolate Chips + White Decorator Hearts =  Snowy Owl Spoons!

Tutorial here.


(Terry) My Journey With Candida said...

Those Spoons with the marshmallows and eyes are absolutely adoreable. Who comes up with all these cute ideas?

mail4rosey said...

I bet those are as fun to make, as they are to eat!! :)

aureliaeugenia said...

It is a brilliant idea to bring smile on anybody.s face!
hugs and cheers!

Lizzy Allan said...

The cold is definitely not getting to me in our 40+ degree Celsius weather that we've been having hear, but I still LOVE these marshmallow spoons. I think they'd even be too cute to eat!

Anonymous said...

lol cute

Anonymous said...

The spoons are so cute! They look like a good treat on their own.
will comment back -

Johnnalynn Lynch said...

I absolutely LOVE these! Too cute!

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