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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Celebrity Nuts

Artist Steve Casino was eating peanuts one day, when he noticed one was sorta shaped like him. He drew a cartoon of himself with a pen, showed it to his friend who got a big laugh. Steve did a celebrity next, of Joey Ramone and has been hooked since! He basically does nut jobs of people whom he admires.
James Brown
Elton John
James Bond
Spider-Man And Doc Oc
Trent Reznor
Johnny Cash And June Carter Cash
Doctor Who
Matt Smith With A Peanut Dalek

He leaves the back of the nuts untouched. Why? He loves the happy reaction of people when he shows them the back of a normal looking peanut and then slowly reveals the person painted on the front.
Elvis Costello
Spock And Kirk Battle Horrible Hamilton


  1. giggle... Hopping over and leaving some WW ♥ I invite you to join me for my hop tomorrow

  2. Very cute! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. How fun that he found art in peanuts. I bet people do love them, it's pretty unique and he does a great job!

  4. The Doctor Who and Star Trek are my favorites!!! I'm such a geek.

  5. Those are really cute...I loved the Johnny and June and Sean Connery!

  6. Those are not only interesting and different but fun too :)