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Monday, July 25, 2011

Steamed Cod Chinese Style

Steaming is a healthy, no-fuss, no-mess method of preparing fish. Try this jiffy, mother-in-law-approved recipe.


Preparation time:
Less than 15 minutes

300g white cod fillet
1 heaped tbsp julienned ginger
Sprigs of Chinese parsley for garnishing

1-2 tbsp light soy sauce
1 tsp oyster sauce (optional)
a pinch of sugar
dash of pepper

2 cloves garlic, chopped
1-2 tbsp cooking oil

1. Preheat steamer.
2. Place fish on a platter and sprinkle ginger strips on fish.
3. Steam fish over medium-high heat for 6-8 minutes. Do not oversteam or the meat will become tough and dry.
4. Meanwhile, heat oil in a sauce pan and fry garlic till golden brown. Turn off heat.Mix in sauce ingredients.
5. Once the fish is ready, remove from steamer and pour sauce over it.
6. Garnish with Chinese parsley and serve hot with rice.


  1. oh goodness, that is exactly what we had for dinner tonight. i wish i can take credit for it but i cannot. my aunt, who lives near by, made it and all i had to do was swing by her house and pick it up! :) yummmmm... and E asked for the eye balls! lol

  2. YUUUUMMMM! This looks so delicious and it looks so easy to make! When I attempt to make this, I'll let you know! :-)

  3. I have a similar recipe and it's really tasty. Heathy too! Very nice photo :)

    The Twerp and I

  4. One of my favorite dishes! Look like I'm going to have to break out my steamer. Now I'm excited because I know what I'm having for dinner tomorrow!!!

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

  5. Sounds really easy and yummy! a must try! :)

    Spanish Pinay

  6. That looks delicious Veronica! I don't know if I've ever eaten cod except in pill form! :)

  7. Veronica I'm not big on steamed fish but this recipe may be the exception to the rule. Thanks for sharing this!

  8. This looks super, I am a rubbish cook but i'm very tempted to attempt making this! need all the inspiration i can get!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog and nice to meet you!!

  9. Looks delicious! Just stopping by. Following you from the Luck Wednesday Blog Hop. Would love a visit and follow back on my blog: Also we are hosting a fabulous iPad 2 giveaway so make sure you enter if you haven't already. Thanks! Nice to meet you!

  10. Hi! I am your newest follwer from the Wild Wednesday Hop!


  11. I love cod! Hoppin with the Wild Wednesday Hop. Love your blog!

  12. Veronica, fab recipe. I went fishing on Lake Ontario a couple of weeks ago and caught several BIG fish. The problem became whether or not to eat them as our lake is severely endangered. Fish regulations offer mainly cautions about ingesting too much from the Great Lakes. Such a shame. I will keep your recipe for sea fish later on.
    Have a great weekend coming up.

  13. Wow! This looks delish. I wouldn't mind having a go at this one! We don't tend to eat a lot of cod, so it would be nice for a change. Great recipe!

  14. Mmm, this picture looks so good, I am pretty sure I can smell it!! Thanks for sharing this in The Great Recipe Exchange blog hop:)

  15. Hello!
    Stopping by from the Weekend Blog Hop! Hope to see you back at I Give U Get Giveaways!

  16. Sounds yummy. I've never tried steaming fish before, but will definitely give this a try.

    P.S. How do you keep up with so many followers? I don't think I've seen anyone else with so many. LOL