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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mutt Mugs

Here's something for the dog lover in all of us. I found these enchanting handpainted mugs from Blue Witch Ceramics Inc, a family owned company founded in 2007 by Art Schuller and sister in-law Pomm Bunyakhet (Madame Pomm).

Chow Chow - Originates from China, and originally bred for herding, hunting, protection, and cart-pulling.

German Shepherd - A pastoral dog, the German Shepherd is loved the world over as a family pet.

Great Dane Harlequin - Shares the loyal, gentle characteristics of other Great Danes, but has a beautiful and distinctive colouration which is sometimes mistaken for a Dalmatian.

Greyhound - Known for its speed, and dating back as far as 4000 b.c.

Irish Wolfhound - The Irish Wolfhound is the tallest of all dogs, and was originally bred for hunting wolves and lions.

Maltese - With its dainty and luxurious appearance, the Maltese is lively and sweet-natured. Bred for companionship and originates from the island of Malta.

Pug - Ideal as a family pet, or as a watchdog, the Pug is outgoing, tough and charming. Originally bred in ancient China for royalty and companionship.

Poodle - From its roots as a retriever, the Poodle's distinctive look has made it famous around the world and is known to be an intelligent, and thoughtful breed.

Basset Hound - Laidback, affectionate and thrives on company.

Akita - The heavy-boned, thick-furred Akita is known for its loyalty and strong protective instinct. Akita means 'tender in heart, strong in strength'. Remember Hatchi, the Akita-ken who waited every day for 9 years at the train station until the last train for his master in the movie "Hachiko: A Dog's Story"?

More doggie mugs and pooch trivia @ Blue Witch


  1. Cute mugs! I bet they sell well...everyone who has a pet loves 'pet stuff'. I loooooved the Hatchi movie. I think Hubby and I both cried at that one!

  2. haha those mugs are pretty crazy!
    Hopped over from the super stalker!


  3. Look how cute they are with their little 3D heads!! Thanks for stopping by the S&R weekend hop again! See you next week!

  4. The children and I had a good giggle at the mugs! But the movie - we saw that a few months ago and I just sobbed. So terribly sad.

  5. Hi! I'm following you from the hop, follow me at

  6. You absolutely find the best stuff to blog about ever, honestly. I love these cups, absolutely love thenm. Had to take a break from blogging for a while - but I'm back and so glad to hook up with my blogging buddies again. Can't wait to see what you have up next. Smiles and Happy Monday!

  7. The mugs are adorable and make great gifts for all the dog lovers out there! The video though was sooooo sad!

  8. I'd be tempted to buy a couple myself. They are great gifts.

  9. These mugs are so cute! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I'm following you. Have a wonderful week, aloha!

  10. Oh my, these are adorable! I think I may have to order a Great Dane one for my brother!

  11. Stopping by to say hello while blog hopping. Kim

  12. Those are interesting. I'm not a dog person, but I like them.

  13. those are so cute...
    i wouldn't have them, as I would be scared they would break...
    but they are cute