Monday, March 14, 2011

Pete Mason - The Post Pop Art Man

Kate Middleton and Prince William

British artist Pete Mason aka The Post Pop Art Man creates these pixellated images from thousands of recyled postage stamps.
Each stamp has to be soaked to remove the envelope backing, dried and sorted into colours and then individually glued in place. The stamps are obtained from several different sources, friends, colleagues, students and family contribute but most are obtained from COURT PHILATELICS in Leighton Buzzard who are happy to supply those interested in the creative use of postage stamps.

Mr. Nasty (Simon Cowell)

Sir Richard Branson

Sir Cliff Richard

Margaret Thatcher

Nelson Mandela

The Queen

Princess Diana

Martin Luther King



parenting ad absurdum said...

Awesome! I want one of me :).

Mama Zen said...

That's amazing!

Steadfast Ahoy! said...

Veronica! How are you? We are busy having fun here at sea. Healthy and happy. Hoping you and yours can say the same.

shopannies said...

very cool

Mrs. Quach said...

awesome and amazing how some people have such patience! all that work would drive me insane! thanks for sharing.

The Blonde Duck said...

How cool!

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Patience is certainly a virtue to complete the art pieces.

Once A Mother said...

i love the simon cowell one the most, these are great!

grace said...

I bet he loved doing puzzles as a kid. LOL

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Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Wow! those are so awesome! Can you imagine if he had to lick each stamp? Thank you again for an amazing post.

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Mommyof2girlz said...

Really postage stamps, wow so interesting!!! Happy Weds sweetie :)