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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Carl Warner - Foodscapes

A couple of years back, I did a post on Carl Warner's Foodscapes. I was blown-away once again by his breathtaking creations on a recent visit to his site.

You'll have to click on the images to really enjoy the details of the landscapes.

London Skyline

Asparagus Houses of Parliament, watermelon dome....
26 different types of fruits and vegetables were used to depict this scene.

The London Eye - made of green beans and baby cherry tomatoes.

The Tower Bridge - made of runner beans, celery, and Shredded Wheat atop pineapple slices.

Carl's Village

A lipsmacking village of chocolate mallow cookie pie, biscottis, cookies and other sweet delights.


Noodle floors, physalis lanterns, a river of savoy cabbage....


An island of coconuts, passion fruit, melons, lychees, kumquats, mangoes, lemons and limes; tropical fishes of a variety of fruits and vegetables

Way Out West

An trailer of crusty white loaf; pepperoni Telegraph poles with black spaghetti wires and a dusting of oats and cereals on the ground.

Hills of cheddar, a jetty of breadsticks. The steamboat is made of bread with a celery funnel.

Radicchio skies and coconut haystacks

Celery forest


  1. You always find some fantastic things to post. This is pretty neat!

  2. That was amazing! What a talent! Thank you for sharing. I had never seen these!

  3. I love these, what a creative mind. Thanks for sharing:)

  4. Amazing! I would not have guessed the food origins...

  5. How cool! Ive never seen those before!

  6. These are just unbelievable! Thanks for posting about them!

  7. I have seen the animal made out of veggie thing but this just totally blows me away! Very imaginative and creative and sooooo real looking!!!

    God bless and have yourself an extraordinary day sweetie!!!

  8. These are such fun photos to browse through! Thank you for sharing them :)

  9. I just get hungry looking at those!! YUM!

  10. So amazing!! How can someone be so creative, love it! Happy Tuesday sweetie :)

  11. Gee, and I thoughnt my generic ginerbread houses came out good last year! LOL