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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Robin Antar - Realism In Stone

While most food artists work with well... food, Robin Antar's sculptures are created from stone.

Visit her website for more sculptures of clothing, footwear and other daily objects.


  1. These are all made out of STONE!!!! For real!!!??? Spectacular!!!!

    I love your blog! I get to see....astounding and spectacular things!!!!!

    Happy New Year of the Tiger!!!!! :)

  2. Hi this is Robin Antar, just wondering how did you find me? thanks for posting my work and yeas they are carved out of stone, except the york was carved out of stone then cast in stainless steel

  3. omg! these are out of stone?! no way!! super cool!!

    btw I gave you an award on my site =)

  4. Incredible. I can't believe those are all made out of stone. I love the M & M's they look almost like they are falling.

  5. WOW!

    What a great post about an amazing artist!

    P.S.: Thanx for the Blog {Luv}

  6. That's truly ah-may-zing! It makes me hungry just looking at those pics:)

  7. I don't know that I could handle that! They look unbelievably edible and tasty! Might crack a few teeth!

  8. Absolutely amazing!

    And Veronica, thank you for stopping by my blog. I actually have read your blog before & left you a comment awhile back. I remember it being some about Yokohoma, Japan but don't remember what I had said. I just remember saying something about it because I like in a city right by there.

  9. They're amazing! Well the M&M packet looks like stone perhaps but the M&M's don't!