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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kevin Van Aelst

Back in school, I sucked at Math and Biology. I might have been an A student if I had a teacher like Kevin Van Aelst!! This New York Times Magazine photographer creatively uses mundane food and household clutter to depict Scientific and Mathematical concepts. These delightful images would certainly have jogged my memory!

Krispy Kreme doughnuts depict cell-mitosis


Common clouds - Milk Swirls of a cup of coffee

Gummy chromosomes

Gummy Periodic Table of Elements

The world on an apple

Finger prints are created with .....

cheese puffs


crust on a cherry pie

and mustard on a ham sandwich

Crackers are used to show world time clocks

Sushi-Inspired 'T'


  1. Wow! Some people have such creativity!!!

  2. Wow! So nice! And so very creative of the stylists! Can I share this in my blog?! I love it!! :)

  3. I would've learned about chromosomes so much easier had they been gummy worms.

    That's my idea of learning!

  4. i'd like to have that kind of time to creat masterpieces like that. Good luck with your studies....i'm a teacher and sometimes i think of going back to school for a switch....but then the prereqs make me think twice.

  5. These are amazing! and I imagine that after photographing them he had to eat the leftovers...hehehe :D

  6. NOW I understand it all.

    Veronica--Your ad comes up and blocks me from posting a comment. There is also a pop-up that comes up at another time as well. This may be stopping folks from commenting. It is really annoying. I'm just letting you know for your own info.