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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

McDonald's Menu Items Around The World

Ever wondered what's on the menu of McDonald's all over the world? Here are some menu items from several countries.


Prosperity Burger - served only around the Chinese New Year, the Prosperity Burger consists of two chicken/beef patties smothered in black pepper sauce and topped with onions on a sesame seed bun.


The McKielbasa - A Kielbasa patty topped with ketchup, mustard, and onion on a sesame seed bun. It was a commercial failure that was quickly pulled off the menu


Fish-loving Norwegians can't live without the McLaks (laks is pronounced like lox) , a salmon burger.


McSpaghetti - spaghetti noodles served in sweet tomato-based sauce, hot dogs and grated pasteurized cheese


McKebab - Kebab served on flatbread


Mighty Angus - An Angus beef patty with cured bacon, red onion, cheese, onion relish, mayonnaise and served on a sourdough bun. Based on the Angus Bacon & Cheese burger from North America.


Rice-loving Taiwanese have the Rice Burger. Instead of buns, the patties are sandwiched between rice.


The McLobster - a lobster roll, is available seasonally in the Maritime Provinces. It is called McHomard in French.


In Hindu dominated India, the Maharaja Mac, which is a Big Mac is made of lamb or chicken as Hindus don't take beef.


Ebi Filet-O - Shrimp burger with special sauce and lettuce.

Middle East

McArabia - Grilled chicken/kofta (beef with spices) served with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and garlic mayonaise, wrapped in an Arabic style pita bread.


  1. My 2 favorites are the ones from Australia and Canada...yum, lobster!! And the one from Australia just looks plain juicy!

    I had NO idea that McDonald's served different versions of hamburgers all over the world! Wow!

  2. We have the Ebi burger at our McDonald's here now on promo.

    We also get the Shake Shake Fries* once a year... now this, I LOVE!

    *Your fries come with a packet of seasoning (BBQ, seaweed, black pepper, etc.) and a paper bag in which to "Shake Shake" the fries with the seasoning!

  3. Oh wow! I'll go to Canada! LOL

    In Hawaii, you can get rice at their McD's!

  4. Oh I don't know if I would trust a McLobster - sounds fishy, lol!

  5. Wow! Everyone always makes fun of me for eating McDonald's whenever I travel to a different country - but look! There is so much McDonald's I have to try! ;-)

  6. I'll take Japan, Canada, Australia and Malaysia. I didn't know they had curly fries at Mickey D's???


  7. wow since when has McD Malaysia served curly fries??! I ~so~ miss the Prosperity Burger tho :(

  8. Oh wow some of these actually look so good. The weird thing I noticed, is that in other countries the ketchup tastes different than in the US!

  9. Interesting... I have never really thought about what would be served.

  10. Some of those look pretty good, don't they? I've heard they have the lobster rolls in the Boston area. Not here in Chicago though. :(

  11. I didn't know McDonald's menu varied like that!

  12. Stuff we never knew! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Following you.

  13. The Malaysian one and Australian one sound really good.

  14. Okay, being part Polish, I'm thinking the Kielbasa sandwhich is lookin' pretty good!

  15. Interesting. My son wants to live in Japan one day. I showed him the shrimp "burger" and he is ready to go now. Kid loves shrimp. Thanks for your nice comments at my blog.

  16. Wow, those are very interesting. Spaghetti at McDonald's seems so funny, but I can understand why it would work. Not sure why the kielbasa burger didn't work out. It sounds yummy. I'm serious!