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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

crop circles

Ever been mystified by crop circles? There has been much controversy concerning the origins of this strange phenomenon as they appear all over the world.
Are they just the work of hoaxers or are aliens helping us to understand a new physics??
I'd like to believe that they are symbolic messages from an unknown, higher intelligence.

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  1. Wow! There are some pretty intricate designs there. Someone has some time on their hands. That can't be all that easy to do either. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'd like to see one in person. Hard to believe right?

  3. Oh wow! I'm likin' that jellyfish (or at least I think that is what it is)!

  4. I will never understand how they are made. Where do you even start to make something like that and how can you tell which way to go??
    Crazy amazing!!

  5. I personally think they are from higher intelligence! :)

  6. Bestest buddie, all I can say is wow, I too think they are from a higher intelligence!

  7. I never know what to make of them from the reports I hear of the way the field has been tamped down with such force and in such a direction that it's hard to imagine people creating them. One appeared in a field near here a few years back- didn't see it myself, but plenty of yahoos wearing tinfoil on their heads were on hand!

  8. I saw one driving through England once. It was just off to the side of the road, really interesting. The ones that look like things, the dragonfly, snail etc i tend to think are human made. But the others, those that don't seem familiar.... who knows! very cool post

  9. They're certainly incredible and works of art - whether they're by unknown forces or local pranksters.