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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Toast art

Here are two artists who earn their bread and butter with their amazing toast art.

Dermot Flynn creates portraits of celebrities using toast and Marmite

Famous faces on the toasts include Simon Cowell, Baroness Thatcher, Pete Doherty, Victoria Beckham, Gordon Ramsay, Charlotte Church and James Blunt.

Baroness Thatcher

A few slices of bread, a blowtorch, sandpaper, drills, paint… That's all Lennie Payne needs to make beautiful toast portraits!

Elvis Presley

Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh

Cheryl Cole


  1. Hey, your toast would go great with my post for today, about tea. I linked to you, as you had requested to see my coffee mugs. :-D

  2. That is sooo cool!! How do people even think up stuff like that?? Crazy! They really do look like the celebrities.

  3. Didn't I say? Amazing art. :)

    Time now for me to give you an award (no obligations). It seems that you already have every other award there is, but I bet you don't have this one yet. :p

  4. Glad you're feeling better!

    I can't even stop my toast from burning..

    Awesome and artistic toasts!

  5. creative is an understatement here.

    WOW! I am following from MBC hope you can check out my blog too

  6. I'll never look at my breakfast the same.

  7. I would love if we had a Lora toaster at home. I'd eat myself every day!

    omg. I totally didn't mean it that way

  8. I'm not sure how guilty I'd feel eating faces on toast. It's sorta like biting off a bunny rabbit's ears (chocolate, of course!)

  9. Very cool! I love it.

    Thanks for passing by, and following me; Im following you as well ; )

  10. Where do you find this stuff? I love it, but would never have thought of toast art. You must have a plethora of ideas of unique and interesting things you search for :)

  11. Bestest blogger BUDDDDDIE! I'm so happy your back! how ya feeling?

    I'm speechless over this art, I'll NEVER look at Toast the same! LOL

    Glad to see your back on! feel better my friend


  12. In the morning when I have my toast, I will take a closer look:)

  13. Seriously? People have some crazy time on their hands and talent! I'd be afraid to hang that art on the wall though...might get ants!

    Hope you are feeling better!

  14. How cool! It must take incredible patience to do all this work!

  15. I would sooo not feel guilty for spreading butter or jelly all over Simon Cowell's face then. :)

  16. I hope you don't mind I've borrowed a picture from your great post and used it as the profile picture of a new FB page Toast AmazeButter the new way of saying something that is amazing!

    It's just a bit of fun but I want to use it to share pictures of Toast/Butter related awesomeness!

    Feel free to Spread the word!!