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Thursday, June 13, 2024


Just a gallimaufry of AI-generated photos, real photos and ramblings ๐Ÿ“ธ
Oh no! Somewhere out there, some poor mouse lost one of his itty bitty Crocs.

Mystery solved! It's a Jibbitz that came off my son's Crocs! 

Phew! I hate to think that a mouse is frantically searching for his missing Crocs.
I'm thrilled to share that my foster kitty, who has been through a lot of challenges, finally has a new buddy. After a tough start, including an unsuccessful adoption where the resident cat rejected him, he now has a friend to share his days with. Seeing them together and happy fills my heart with joy.
Lunch - sourdough sandwich
Crazy weather in Malaysia: temperatures soaring into the 30s, hitting 37°C today, and then it rains like cats and dogs in the evenings. The heat has killed my appetite, so I just had a sourdough sandwich. The restaurant owner was lamenting how the erratic weather here affects the dough, making sourdough bread quite a challenge to perfect.


One of my bucket list dreams in London was to ride the London Eye, in one of those sleek ovoidal capsules, taking in the breathtaking views of the city. We were in St. James's Park and could see the Eye from where we were, but regrettably, we never had the chance to experience it in person. 

So near yet so far.
Now, I'm living the adventure vicariously through my AI mice buddies.
Haha! AI is amazing! Just look at the expression of awe of the mouse on the extreme right! I did not specify that in my generation of this photo!

Cine Manto
Cine Manto in Mykonos is a charming outdoor cinema located in a lush garden in the town center.
Open during the summer, it offers a magical setting to watch a diverse range of films under the stars, from recent blockbusters to international features.

 The on-site cafรฉ and restaurant serve local and Mediterranean cuisine

Care for an outdoor movie?
Too scary? How about Jaws?
No? Something heartwarming?
When was the last time you watched an outdoor movie?


Growing up in the 60s in our sleepy hometown felt like living in a timeless bubble. With no digital devices to distract us, our days were simple and slow, each one blending into the next. The highlight of our week, the moment we all eagerly awaited, came after Sunday evening mass.

We would pile into the family car  and head to the Japanese garden on the edge of town. It was a place of magic, a stark contrast to our everyday lives. The garden was a serene haven, meticulously maintained with its perfectly raked gravel paths and carefully pruned bonsai trees.

But the centerpiece, the part that held the most wonder for us, was the koi pond. A wooden plank bridge stretched across the water, inviting us to test our balance and courage. My sisters and I would line up, and take turns crossing the bridge. We moved gingerly, each step slow and deliberate, as the colorful koi swam lazily beneath us.

The garden seemed to wrap us in a peaceful embrace, each visit a cherished escape from the routine of our small-town life. But as darkness fell and mosquitoes began to bite, it was a signal to leave. Our once-a-week dinner out completed the week. Those Sunday evenings remain some of the most treasured memories of my childhood.


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  1. Your mice are cute watching movies and eating popcorn.

  2. I'm always amazed by the creativity of your photos, expecially the AI generated ones. The mice on the London Eye is endearing!

  3. What nice pictures of the mice.
    You are really creative to get the photos like this.
    Greetings Irma

  4. Hello Veronica!

    The AI generated image of the three girls is fantastic and that sandwich looks delicious. Those two cats are adorable creatures.
    I have been to some Greek Islands, but I have never been to Mikonos. I'd like to go to there on holiday.

    Sorry to hear the weather is too hot in your country. I hope it will be not too hot soon.
    Have a nice weekend!

  5. Love the cats.
    The AI images are good, love those mice.
    Gosh it's rather warm over your way then, and always gets humid before it rains, but I don't have to tell you was 11 deg C here today, but it is winter.

  6. Such fun and great photos today - especially the mouse wearing the green crocs LOL I haven't seen an outdoor movie since I was a teen - all the outdoor theaters have vanished through the decades, Have a great weekend in spite of the fluctuating weather.

  7. That sandwich looks delicious and I love that outdoor theater.

  8. Your son's crics are just fun. ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„
    Lovely to see the two cat friends.
    Happy weekend!

  9. What a wonderful memory you have shared here today, Veronica. Growing up in simpler times was the best! I do so love your AI mice adventures as they are so creative and fun to see on your posts. Yes, I did notice the one with the mouth opened in awe - so cute!

  10. That outdoor cinema is really neat. It sounds charming with the trees and the cafe. Loved hearing your memories at the Japanese garden when you were little. I grew up in the 60's also, and it was those simple things that we did with friends and family that we'll always look back on. The sourdough sandwich looks delicious. And I'm so glad your foster kitty has a new companion to spend time with. A cute picture of the two of them peacefully taking a nap.

    Enjoy these June days, my friend.



  12. Sweet AI picture of the children crossing the bridge over the koi pond, and the little mouse in his crocs gave me a big smile.
    I remember the drive in movies and have many fond memories of them--especially when the kids were small.
    My daughter has become an expert at making sourdough bread, and it is so, so good. No wonder I can't lose any weight, haha.

  13. how cute mice are. ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ๐Ÿญ
    but also the kittens... so beautiful and kind!๐Ÿ˜ป๐Ÿˆ‍⬛
    Happy weekend dear Veronica ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜˜

  14. I love your AI mice. The pic of the little girls crossing the koi pond is adorable!
    Your sandwich looks very good. When it's hot, that's enough. We are supposed to get very hot weather starting tomorrow. Today it was 29 celcius here and that was hot enough.
    Have a great weekend!

  15. Those kitties are so cute together and how nice to have a friend. Love the art today, super cool too!

  16. Me dio ganas de tu sanduche, Cuรญdate del calor. Me gusto la foto de los gatitos. Te ,mando un beso.

  17. These tiny shoes on the slippers are so cute

  18. Love your kitties! Have a great weekend, Veronica!

  19. Hello Veronica,
    What a funny pictures with nice figures.
    And so great to sse the mini crocs. Fantastic.

    Many greetings,

  20. Like the picture of kids crossing the Japanese bridge, but I'd prefer to see one with real kids. Not an AI fan, as I'm concerned about security and other dangers this new fad (unfortunately not) could bring. Sorry!

  21. Hello,
    Your kitties are adorable. Your son's crocs are cute. I like the AI mice images.
    Have a great day and happy weekend.

  22. Veronica Lee, how wonderful that your kitten has a new companion and the photo of them together was so lovely. We also wanted to ride on the London Eye but there wasn't enough time during our short (3-day) pre-trip visit last fall, so maybe next time for both of us. The Cine Manto in Mykonos looks like a wonderful place for a movie and dinner.

    The sweet memory you shared from growing up in the 60s with no digital distractions was wonderful to read about and indeed sounded magical just from your description. The Japanese garden was surely a highly anticipated weekly visit.

  23. The food looks delicious. The photos are great.

    Wish you a wonderful weekend

  24. Wondxerful photos, Veronica, and I love the mice. Next time I am in London I will disguise myself as a mouse and see what happens. Loe the mouse crocs, too! Have a great weekend, hugs, Valerie

  25. Veronica-every photo is wonderful and I am still smiling from the picture of the mouse wearing green crocs! It is downright adorable!!!

  26. Your mice are cute. I don't envy them the London Eye, however. I don't know if I'd have the courage to get in that thing.

  27. The AI mice are incredibly cute.
    Loved seeing a picture of your foster kitty and his new friend.

  28. Hello Veronica,
    So many cute images. Love the sweet kitties and the mice images.
    The outdoor theater looks very nice. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, enjoy your day and have a great new week! PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

  29. Hello Veronica,
    The mice photos are very cute and funny. I didn't realize you fostered cats. I'm so glad your foster has company, which I am guessing is another cat you are fostering. Most precious in this post is your childhood memory. It was wonderful to read, so thank you for sharing it.

  30. Oh, dear Veronica, I am so happy that your foster cat has found such a good home and a new buddy! May the two cats have a wonderful long life together!
    Your "AI mouse stories" are adorable and your story of the Japanese garden was also very nicely implemented. Unfortunately, my experience with AI is not so good at the moment. I am trying to create a picture that shows one of my latest experiences as an extra, but the AI ​​only realizes half of what I have specified, even after repeated requests, something important is always missing... Well, I guess I will have to be satisfied with the imperfect.
    You asked "When was the last time you watched an outdoor movie?" - that was two years ago. There is a summer cinema in our district capital Baden every year, and in 2022 we saw two films there - ELVIS and CORSAGE. Last year, in late summer, we were too ill to go to the outdoor cinema.
    All the best and a good start to the new week, Traude

  31. These are brilliant I wish i had the creativity. made e smile too, I was born in St Thomas's Hospital right next to the London Eye heheh!

    Have a gallimaufrytastic week ๐Ÿ‘

  32. It really is true that different weather and altitudes can dramatically alter bread making. A sourdough sandwich sounds like the perfect way to handle a hot day!

  33. The mice on the London Eye made me smile a lot - of the wonders of AI. We rode the London Eye back in 2014 - no reservation necessary, we had to wait about 20 minutes. It was quite relaxed and the ride was truly beautiful. I hope that one day you can get on the London Eye. The cats are beautiful, how nice that they are companions and can spend their days together. Your memory of you growing up and going to the Japanese Garden is simply beautiful and does sound like from a different time. I grew up in the 60s as well, albeit in a completely different country. This was a lovely post, Veronica. Hugs - Carola

  34. So glad your foster kitty found a friend.

    We are in the midst of a heat wave here with the temperatures reaching the low 40s!

  35. Loved the photo of the spooning cats and the yummy looking sandwich. Your AI expertise is getting better by the day! Lovely creations.

  36. Awww..those little crocs are so cute :-)
    The Art Diary

  37. Thank you for sharing at

  38. When we lived in NC we went to outdoor movies at the park. It sure was fun. Love your son's cute it that!

  39. Those cats sleeping together melt my heart! Three cheers for a good new home! I've never ridden the London Eye either, though I've seen it more than a few times! I'd like to do it, too! Fun pix once again!

  40. Your kitties sleeping together look adorable. The outdoor theatre looks a great place.

  41. That outdoor cinema is such a fun idea and we bet it is popular. We know crocs and the things people put on them but we haven't seen flip flop crocs before.

  42. ...Crocs, I wish that I had invented them! Veronica, I hope that your week is going well.

  43. I love your AI. You have that down very well.

    Love those sandals. I laughed out loud.

    You know I love your food. Yummy.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

  44. Your shared childhood memories are precious. The mini crocs are cute jibbitz. I haven't seen those. Sourdough bread is hard to get just right in any temperature. ;) I'm glad the kitty has a happy ending. :)

  45. Relax Cats, they don't think and know about your sweet mice ;-) I wish you a happy Summer, I will go in a little Break,

  46. Your AI photos make me feel like I'm in Disneyland! so cute! My son and his family have an adorable cat (3 years old) and we all love Lulu. However, we found out quickly when my kids went on vacation and left her with a relative and the relative's cat. Lulu hissed, fussed, and refused to interact. She does not like other cats! Glad your foster kitty found a friend! Nice post thanks

  47. Those little croc are so cute. Beautiful photos, Veronica.

  48. You are getting good at mixing AI and real photos and using AI to bring back memories. I love that idea. I have lots of memories where I don't have any photos.

  49. Those crocs are unique. Vero. And the kitty look so happy together. I'm happy for you too.

    I know this has been a brutal summer - you are a little better off than us, as our temps hit a 52 degrees!!!!
    Now we are hovering at 44/45, but the last two days have brought in redemption with cloudy skies and a cool gentle breeze. Fings and toes all crossed for it to continue to be so.

    The mice are the cutest. I'm a Chinese zodiac Rat, btw. lol
    I like your AI adventures. :)

    Much love and blessings dearest,

  50. The little white mice on the London Eye has to be one of the cutest things I've seen all week. :)
    And Japanese Gardens -- they have the prettiest and most soothing landscaping! That reminds me that it's been a while since I visited one. :)

  51. I enjoyed your gallimaufry of photos and ramblings. Those kitties are precious and your AI mice are so cute.
    Visiting today from ge.ner.ic linky 37 #4,5&6.