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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Day 8 - Keukenhof

We toured Europe in the late winter but luckily for us, our last day was the first day Keukenhof opened its doors. The gardens are open only 60 days in a year from mid March to mid May.

Keukenhof (English: kitchen garden) aka Garden of Europe, is one of the world's largest flower gardens. According to the official website for the Keukenhof Park, approximately 7 million flower bulbs are planted annually in the park, covering an area of 32 hectares (79 acres).

There are more than 800 species of tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, orchids and lilies!

Inside the Willem Alexander Pavillion

The variety of the tulips in all shapes, sizes and colors is dazzling.

These fringed ones are most unusual!

Flower Power
The theme for 2019 is Flower Power - The Strength of Flowers.

You can't tell from this picture but the Flemish rabbits in this park are huge. They are the size of a Shih Tzu!

Keukenhof's official video

Adorable tulip bags in a souvenir shop in the gardens

Our last group photo with Marios, our driver from Poland.

That really was an amazing trip and I loved every single second of it! I was so high on life during those 8 days that even an injured foot couldn't hold me down!

The 30 of us left Malaysia as total strangers but we returned home as close buddies. During those 10 days (8 days + 2 nights on the plane), we bonded over meals and newfound common interests. We shared big laughs and a couple of misadventures like one big family.

Along with our souvenirs and photos, we brought home wonderful memories we made together that will certainly be relived over and over again.

Ours was a pretty mixed group. We had a lady from Singapore, 2 Indian families, an elderly couple who were in their 70s and 6 sisters-in-law who left their kids behind with their husbands for this trip so they could take a break!

Throughout the trip, we always got each other's backs. When I hurt my foot, my travel buddies were really concerned and took good care of me. When M was in shock after discovering her bag was stolen together with her passport, we calmed her down and comforted her. We worried and fussed over Mr. O (the septuagenarian) when he fell in the glacier cave. Thank God, he was alright.

We came home totally exhausted but euphoric; our passion for travelling well and truly reignited.

In fact, our whatsapp group is already planning our next trip!!

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  1. Oh my, the flowers are so beautiful. Wow.

    The rabbits are adorable too.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  2. Oh my--the flowers are so beautiful! What a treat for the eyes!

    I know all about Flemish Giant (that's their name) rabbits--we have one on the farm where I am volunteering. Our Flemish Giant is 25 pounds! But she is a gentle giant.

    LOVE the tulip bags! I also love that you came together to really care about one another. I wish there was more of that going on all over the world these days.

    What a wonderful trip! Thank you for sharing!

  3. That is great that you are already planning your next trip! Those flowers were gorgeous! I think my sister may have gone to visit them when she lived in the Netherlands a few years back because I remember her mentioning something like this that was only opened temporarily.

    You looked like you had a great trip! Its neat how people can bond together like that in such a short time!

    Too cute with those tulip bags! I would have to get one just because of how unusual they were.


  4. Oh my gosh...such beauty! And what a great trip. Your photos are ALL outstanding, incredibly so.

  5. I love tulips Veronica....Skaggit County, near Seattle, Washington has huge tulip fields in the spring...your pics reminded me of them. how lovely. What a wonderful trip.

  6. Those flowers are beautiful.
    So happy to hear you had such a wonderful time and to hear that your passions for travelling has been reignited.. can't wait to see where you head to next!

  7. We were lucky enough to visit the Kreukenhof gardens a couple of years ago. I have to agree they are gorgeous.

  8. Wow! Those photos are beautiful what beautiful colours and blooms

    Have a bloomingtastic week :-)

  9. Tulips are my favourite flower so this looks gorgeous. I love the tulip bags! #GlobalBlogging

  10. I've always wanted to visit Keukenhof - the flowers must have been amazing in person.

  11. So beautiful. Very nice. #globalblogging

  12. What a wonderful place to visit! The flowers are so beautiful growing in such a large nursery. It sounds like you had a very nice tour group too!

  13. Glad you got to see Keukenhof! I went when I was a kid. Those tulip bags are so cool! I used to have a weird jester shoe type bag designed by Picasso’s daughter, but I was never brave enough to use it, so I gave it away. Silly of me! I know! It was made of cloth (not leather) and it was first given to me second hand, so I never found out what it was worth. Thanks for visiting 1camera1mom!

  14. What a wonderful holiday! The flowers are beautiful. I love those fringed tulips. They look like they are edged with frost.
    I know how big those rabbits are. As a child I had two Flemish Giants, Snowy and Peter.

  15. Going to the Netherlands to see the tulips has been a lifelong dream of mine.

  16. Veronica,

    The flowers are absolutely gorgeous! It must've felt like heaven with the sea of colors and beauty surrounding you. The tulip bags in the souvenir shop are so cute. Did you get one? WOW, those bunny rabbits are quite big!! I think they need to lay off those carrots. :) Happy WW!

  17. There's always bumps in the road with traveling. You guys had some big bumps. I'm glad you had each other's backs. I wouldn't even know what to do if my passport got stollen?!

    I love the fringed flowers! I think my Mother-in-law would have problems, she's allergic to lilly's. I'm allergic to so many things, it's just my norm to not be able to breathe right. Ha!

  18. Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday, my friend. ♥

  19. The flowers are gorgeous, and I love the rabbits.

  20. Those are beautiful! I love all those tulip varieties.

  21. Beautiful blooms and such cute bunnies.

  22. That's a blessing that you were able to travel together!Thank you so much for commenting on NanaHood!

  23. What a great collection of pics! Looks like you guys had the most amazing time during the trip. Thanks for sharing these and joining us for #ww this week. Have a fun and relaxed weekend.

  24. What an amazing trip...the flowers are worth it alone! Tulips are one of my favorites. Glad you all survived your travels :)

  25. Love the range of colours and shapes in the magnificent flower displays. The blue traditional dress is beautiful too. Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging

  26. Everything looks soooo pretty. All those colors...my fave! I remember seeing black tulip and deep purple ones. Those are my favorite indeed