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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Mosquitoes Prefer Blonds!

Ever wondered why some of us are pure mozzie-baits while others escape without a scratch?

Once, when we were out camping, mosquitoes ate me alive in my tent but my friends were untouched. And they were sleeping with their tent flaps open!

There seems to be an increase in mosquitoes lately and I am certain the haze is driving them indoors. Those pesky little vampires are biting me and Josh to shreds but Hubby and Rodney are unfazed. Over here in the tropics, mozzies have always been a pain all year round but we are bugged by them more than normal these few months, no thanks to the haze.

I had always suspected that blood type had something to do with a mosquito's choice of feasting. Josh and I share the same blood type (O) and Hubby and Rodney are both type A. Curious, I googled for information. Turned out, I wasn't wrong!
Research has shown that people with Type O blood are twice as likely to get bitten than those with Type B. Type A was even less popular than Type B. Aww! This really sucks! I feel like I'm a blood donor to those little beasties!

Some interesting facts to share.

1   Blood-thirsty females can smell their dinner from up to 50 metres away!
2.  Pregnant women are more likely to be victims as they breathe out larger than normal amounts of carbon-dioxide.

3.  As adults breathe out more carbon-dioxide than children, mosquitoes prefer to munch on them.

4.  Researchers think that genetics account for around 85 % of our susceptibility to mosquito bites. So if your parents are mosquito magnets, you are more likely to be as well.

5. In 2002, a Japanese study of 13 volunteers found that those who drank a single bottle of beer were more appetizing to mosquitoes.
The researchers believed drinking beer increases body temperature and the amount of alcohol in that is in a person’s sweat.

6. Mosquitoes tend to be attracted to people of a lighter skin. Bloody racists!  LOL! And they prefer blonds too.

7. Mosquitoes will go for the most delicious item on the menu and if you are more tasty than your friends, you are likely to become the main meal of the day so choose your company accordingly, especially when you are hiking or camping.

7. Mosquitoes have been around for more than 170 million years.
Do mosquitoes love you too?

This week's cookies
Yorkies in Halloween Colours


  1. So cute with those yorkie cookies :) Those were interesting facts about the mosquitoes, especially the blood type they prefer. Sorry you and your son are getting "eaten alive" by them. I haven't seen too many mosquitoes here, wondering if the higher altitude and cooler temps are less attractive to them?


  2. Wow! I never knew that about mosquitos! Saw your cute yorkie cookies on the favorite things party - adorable!

  3. I get bit way worse then my husband does. Some of my bites are huge to! My nephew Emerson gets it bad as well.

    Such cute little doggie cookies!

  4. Hello Veronica! Man this sucks for me and I'm an O. My husband is an A and I don't think he ever gets bit

  5. Love your blog! Thank you for checking out mine ;)

  6. Well I'm A type blood and they love me! I always thought it was people with thin skin that got bitten the most xx #KCACOLS

  7. did not know all those mosquito facts...
    sucks to be mosquito food.. they think i'm quite tasty too :(

  8. Good research. I am blonde. Mozzies absolutely love me, despite the bottles of deet that the spray over every inch of my body when on hols. x

  9. I'm also Type 0 so now I know why these mosquitos also love my blood!!! Grrrr This is a great list of facts!! It is always interesting to read these type of posts! Thanks so much for joining me again at #KCACOLS. I love having you here. I hope you join me again on Sunday! :-) xx

  10. The cookies are always so cute. Do you hand draw the pictures? I will comment back ­