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Sunday, December 14, 2014

I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas...

"What's your best Christmas memory?", a bloggy buddy asked. With 51 Christmases behind me, I  say the best Christmas I ever had so far, would be my first and only white Christmas experience in Lake Tahoe. My son said that sounded so racist! LOL, he didn't know what a white Christmas meant! :smack:

Somehow, Christmas doesn't really feel like Christmas minus the snow over here in the tropics.
If a genie were to grant me just one wish now, I would love to visit the Santa Claus Village at the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi, Lapland. This has been on my bucket list for a very long time but with life getting in the way all the time, I am guessing this wish will remain unchecked on my list along with many other wishes.  File:icon sad.gif

Santa, if you're listening right now, I wish for a white Christmas just once more, please..... before I get too old and too broke to travel.

So, what's your best Christmas memory?


  1. Lake Tahoe is pretty! So glad you got to experience it with snow on the ground during the holiday season! My best Christmas memories are when the kids were younger and the excitement of it through their eyes :)


  2. Can you hitchhike to Chicago? We'd welcome you in! But we don't have any snow yet.

    My favorite memory is of my grandma taking us on the city bus to go see all the lights downtown. Back in the day, all of the stores on State Street would decorate their windows with Christmas scenes. We'd walk around, then go in for lunch under the tree at Marshall Fields. Then, my grandma would take us to the toy department and let us pick out one toy. It was magical.

  3. Christmas Day 2004, Valerie was 4 days old and it snowed. It was a dusting but it was snow. It made for a special memory having a newborn and a white Christmas! It also snowed back in 1989. I was 17 and we had 4 inches of snow on Christmas Eve. It was amazing! Those are the only times it has snowed in South Louisiana in my lifetime.

  4. we don't celebrate Christmas.. but i agree.. a Christmas without the snow just doesn't feel like Christmas

  5. Christmas cookies. That's what I like best about the season

  6. We eat fried fish and garlic spaghetti. My family also breaks bread and forgives each other of any/all of the year's transgressions. It's a very special time for us :)

    Lovely post, and cute penguin cookies!! My favorite of your holiday cookies so far.

  7. I packed the gifts and family up and took a road trip from Florida to Ohio (1200 miles) to surprise my mom and grandma. We got there in time, and it's def. my best holiday memory. :)

    Loving your cookies, and LOL at your son. Glad he's looking out for us white folk, and he made me laugh, hahahahaha

  8. These are so cute! My son is crazy about penguins!

    X mieke

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  9. My wish as well. Been awhile since my last snow in Christmas. I think its 2010.

    Dropping by from

  10. Festive shot. My 16 year old was talking last night about the first Christmas it didn't snow. She was 6 before we had a Christmas we didn't have any snow She was crushed to find out that not all Christmas's were white.

    May Santa bring you at least one of your wishes. Merry Christmas.

  11. My favorite memory is sharing Christmas with folks who are no longer here. I miss them especially at this time of year.

    Thank you for sharing at

    Merry Christmas!

  12. My best memory is buying for a family that has nothing. We've done that twice.

    One of my mom's co-workers was getting a divorce. Her husband beat her. She didn't have any money to spend on her kids, or herself. We went out, and bought things for each kid, and a grocery credit card. We parked 2 blocks away. My Dad ran the presents up, rang the doorbell, and ran.

    The other time a lady lost her job all the sudden. We bought her things, and her kid's things. My brother-in-law worked as a delivery driver. He drove the stuff over, and gave it to her. Maybe a little less creepy then the first story.

    Both times we didn't say we were the ones that delivered the packages. To this day they have no idea.