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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Angel Vs Star

Growing up, we always had an angel as our christmas tree topper until it fell onto the floor and shattered. It was an old-fashioned blue porcelain angel that was handed down from my mom's aunt. I vaguely recall it looking somewhat like Pinocchio's Blue Fairy. Mom then replaced it with a tacky gold plastic star simply because it was easier to put up a star than an angel. Stars have somehow become our tradition. I've always thought an angel topper was more befitting as it symbolizes the true meaning of Christmas, a great reminder as to what Christmas is really about. In this respect the tree topper is more important than the gifts underneath.

Ever noticed that you can hardly see a tree with an angel atop these days? The star seems to have outshone the angel. Kinda sad really, to see the tradition of putting the Arch Angel Gabriel on top of the christmas tree dying out.

Interestingly, I've just learnt that the angel has been a topper for Christmas trees since the early 18th century, in Germany, when trees were first brought into the home and decorated. The star is a much more recent addition, not being used until in the early 19th century.
The Christmas tree didn’t reach Britain until later in the 19th century and both stars and angels were used. The fairy has only crept to the top of the tree in the last 30 years.

Some interesting facts to share


The angel symbolises the first ever Christmas- in particular Gabriel, the archangel of revelation, who informed Mary that she would be the mother of Jesus Christ.

Also, an angel visited Joseph in a dream to tell him that he would serve as Jesus' father on Earth, and a number of angels appeared in the sky over Bethlehem to announce and celebrate Jesus' birth.

A tree was first decorated for Christmas in Latvia in 1510 which soon became a popular tradition.

Angels would be placed at the top of a Christmas tree to symbolise the significance of the angels who appeared high above Bethlehem to joyfully announce Jesus' birth on the first Christmas.

They are also used to scare away evil spirits from people's homes.

If not an angel, a star was used to represent the bright star that appeared in the sky to guide people to Jesus' birthplace.

Also, in King James's translation of the Bible it states: 'Lo, the star went before them, till it came and stood over where Baby Jesus was lying.'

Since then, stars have become somewhat a fashion statement to place at the top of a tree.

source - Mail Online

Angels We Have Heard On High..........
Speaking of angels, I made these

What kind of topper do you put on your Christmas tree? Angel, star or something else?


  1. I like the angel cookies, Veronica! Interesting with the info about the angels versus stars for Christmas tree toppers. We always had an angel when I was growing up. I got the angel after everyone got married, but then we moved to artificial trees and the angel was too top heavy for them so I sent the angel to my sister for her live trees. When I put up a tree I don't usually put anything as a topper these days.


  2. I had not known that.. thanks for sharing. Always great to learn something new.

  3. We have a star, but my parents have an angel.

    I love the cookies!

  4. For a while, we had a huge bow on the top of our tree. Then we had a gold wire and glitter star. Last year after the holidays, I found a lighted red star on clearance, so that is what we have this year.

  5. We have two trees---we have one of each. The main tree has a cat angel on the top. :) No, it is not a orange stripey angel.

  6. I'm so in love with your cookies, they look so angelic :-)


    New post:

  7. we had a pink feathered angel for a long time on our tree. until a wet summer got to a box & mold grew on lots of my old ornaments :(
    I have a big red bow with silver twigs on the top right now. but I prefer the angel.
    that silly kitty reminds me of ours, LOL.
    Faythe @ GrammyMouseTails

  8. We have an angel. :) And we have a star, lol. For two years running my youngest asked if we could have a star, last year I found one on big-time clearance after the holiday and so I picked it up. We'll see which one gets on the tree this year. I prefer the angel...but I might bend for a year. ;)

  9. Christmas Greetings, Veronica! I love this post, especially those amazing gorgeous to eat! Do your boys know how lucky they are to have you as their Mum???

    We have a very old, ceramic angel. She is somewhat heavy and each year, I wonder if this will be the year she crashes to the floor like your's did. My daughter (the starving artist) cuts a real tree from the forest and decorates it with popcorn, candy canes and cookies. Last year, her 4 year old and his friend, pushed over the tree the week before Christmas. Chrissy cried and all the kids got spankings. I guess THAT won't happen again.

    Blessings on you and your family as we celebrate Emmanuel--God with us.

  10. That is something new for me. Did not know about the Angel being used as a topper. Thanks for sharing.


  11. Hi Veronica! Thanks for the info about the angel vs. star, very cool. I love the angel cookies! :D

  12. I had an angel until this year. I have a star now, but it is a little heavy, and crooked :) I love your red headed angel cookies! (from a red head)

  13. Your cookies are amazing! Thanks for stopping by my blog today :)

  14. We used a star, but only because our angel is MIA this year. It's definitely somewhere in our basement,but for the life of me I have clue where!

    Such sweet little Angel cookies!

  15. I am definitely a star girl but my parents are angels! Thank you for linking up last week at Creative Spark Link Party! Hope you stop by today to link up and enter our giveaway!

  16. Happy New Year. Glad I found your blog. I've been using as star on your trees for years. Your cookies are adorable.