Sunday, August 17, 2014

"S" is for scarecrows and swallows and strange things that go bump in the night

August is the month of the Hungry Ghost Festival, a time when the gates of hell are believed by the Taoist Chinese to be opened and spirits from the underworld are free to roam our world to seek food and avenge the living who had wronged them in their previous lives for closure. Although I am a non-believer, there have been many strange, paranormal occurrences reported from time to time during this month of the seventh moon - from mysterious inexplicable accidents, to items that go missing uncannily, to strange mysterious fires. Even animals appear spooked. Dogs are said to be restless and howling the entire month.
Growing up, I was witness to a bizarre phenomenon that happened annually in my hometown during the hungry ghost month. There was this street where thousands of swallows would perch nightly on the power lines above, their roisterous chirping and tweeting made quite a racket. But during this ungodly month, the street was weirdly quiet, with not a single bird in sight. Then, as soon as the month was over and the spirits believed to have returned to the nether world, the birds would reappear! This happened every single year during the month of the hungry ghosts until that part of the town was demolished for redevelopement. How do you explain that?
Ha! Who needs scarecrows when you have hungry ghosts!

 I have a previous post with lots of pics to share about the festival  here.


betty said...

That was interesting about the sparrows not being there during this month, Veronica. Very spooky indeed! Those scarecrow cookies are definitely not scary and I'm sure delicious!



Darling cookies. I have to love these....Halloween and Autumn a favorite time of year.

What a story from your neighborhood during the the birds vanished and dogs being restless....chilling effect I'm sure.

Camille Griffiths said...

That is pretty creepy!!

Leslie said...

Oh my goodness!! I wouldn't be able to eat them, they're so cute!.... Ok your right, haha. Is eat them! How interesting. I hope you've had a great Monday.

Hena Tayeb said...

those scarecrows are too cute to be scary!

alissa apel said...

Those turned out really cute! October and November is when they are popular in the US.

You could do a Wizard of Oz theme sometime.

mail4rosey said...

Your cookies aren't scary. They're cute as can be. :) You've got a natural knack for cookie making!

Faythe M.A said...

yummy looking cookies. October 31 is celebrated here in the USA as 'all hallowed eve' or Halloween with very similar traditions. And kids love to go out trick or treating for goodies, like your cookies :)
Faythe @ GrammyMouseTails

Jessica Groesbeck said...

I've never errands heard of that festival before! It sounds quite creepy. And the bird phenomenon makes me shiver!!

But your cookies are adorable, as always :)

Cheryl King said...

These look so cute! I have pinned and can't wait to see what you bring to our The Yuck Stops Here link party next week! Thanks for sharing! HUGS

Steph said...

spooky!!!!! CUTE scarecrows! :)

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