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Friday, February 21, 2014

Leprechaun Owl Cookies

Owls seem to be the most popular item on pinterest. Knitted, crocheted, sculpted, felted, quilled, cookied and cupcaked, you find adorable images of these nocturnal birds popping up everywhere!
Owl in Malay is "Burung Hantu" which translates as ghost bird and is believed  by the Chinese and Malays to be a symbol of doom and death. When I was little, I used to think that owls ate babies as told by my grandma!
Older and certainly wiser now, I wish to depict these magnificent creatures in a different light - a leprechaun owl cookie for good luck.
Interestingly, I slipped and fell hard on my butt  when I was reaching out for my rolling pin in the overhead kitchen cabinet while making these owlies. Bad luck or sheer coincidence? Ouch! My butt still hurts as I am typing this!


  1. I love these cute owls-and they are really popular.Mum said they anounced the death of someone and i was always scared hearing their song'Well,I think is a better way: to eat them as cookies(so beautiful realized)'

  2. Oh my gosh!!!! WHOOOOO couldn't resist?!!

  3. These are so ridiculously adorable!

  4. Falling does not sound very lucky. Not breaking anything is lucky. So we'll say the owls are lucky. And I'm glad you're not hurt. :)

    My mom has always been a huge fan of owls.

  5. I just love owls. It's so cool how they move their heads.

  6. How CUTE !!!!
    It's so adorable, I feel like hugging this owl :)