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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Birds Made Of Petals By Hong Yi

Remember Hong Yi aka Red, the Malaysian artist-architect who challenged herself to create a new piece of food art every day in the month of March? Well, she's making waves again - this time with her adorable, playful  creations of exotic birds using flowers, leaves, twigs and sticks she finds in her garden.

Thought it'll be nice too, to share some fun facts on the flora of the country where I live.

Peacock made from the petals of the butterfly pea and allamada flower, bottlebrush leaf and spines of the coconut leaf.
Allamanda aka golden trumpet
The Rhinoceros Hornbill

Malaysia's largest state, Sarawak, is known as 'The Land Of The Hornbills'. As its names suggests, hornbills are in abundance here. 8 known variants are found in Sarawak alone.

Flamingo made from the petals of pink gerberas
Gerbera - a member of the sunflower family

Rooster made from gerberas and leaves

A kingfisher made of gerberas, butterfly peas and purple shamrocks

Clitoria Ternatia (commonly known as the butterfly pea). This genus was named after the clitoris because of its resemblance to the female genitalia! The Malays and Peranakan use the blue butterfly pea as a natural blue dye for cakes, rice and dumplings.


Dodo made of white, pink and orange chrysanthemums

Yellow chrysanthemums
Ever tried chrysanthemum tea? Yellow or white chrysanthemum flowers of the species C. morifolium are boiled to make a sweet drink in some parts of Asia.

Northern cardinal made of red gerberas and deep purple chrysanthemums

Bald eagle made of white, yellow and maroon chrysanthemums


  1. How beautiful!! All of them. Some people can make art out of anything.

  2. Those are pretty. I would add petal backgrounds.

    In college I made a kimono out of a paper table cloth and petals. It was paper clothes making workshop. I didn't think I'd enjoy the workshop as much as I did. I pressed the flower petals with paper towels and an iron. Then I painted them on with clear acrylics to seal in the color. We could use paint, varnish, and glue in the workshop, but no tape or thread. All of my sewing was with tiny strips of paper. One guy made a purse with a thick paper, and made it waterproof by using shoe polish and sprayed it with rain guard.


  3. Those are great displays of talent (and they're really pretty too!).

  4. Wow, those flower birds are absolutely beautiful!

  5. Thank you for spreading JOY and sharing at the Oh What a HAPPY Day party.

    Holly at Not Done Growing

  6. This is so cool. I love the petal creations.

  7. That's pretty amazing work! Thanks for sharing.

  8. I this art work thank you for introducing this artist. I'm stopping by from Sunday Hop. I'm lorraine at

  9. Wow! That is really neat and I love the ones where the flowers that made them are part of the art!

  10. talk about talent... so much creativity in people, yet some are never seen...