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Sunday, July 29, 2012


Here on *KnitHacker, you'll find all things knitty-culous - from crocheted covers for hubcaps, bread, to toilet seats!

Check out the site for more yarn bombs - funny, weird, adorable, touching, gross, yummy...etc... needle-crafted things that will get you hooked.

*knithacker.com is a daily exploration of all things fiber. Every day Danielle Holke posts 2-3 amazing and unusual fiber creations!

Have you ever mashed two patterns together to make something gloriously unique and knitty-licious? Maybe you’ve modified a pattern (or two…) to reveal your knack for knitty ingenuity? Perhaps you’ve taken what once was and transformed it into something new?
So… spin a yarn and show off! Submit a wooly remix here!
p.s. crochet and other wool/yarn/felted and related hacks welcome…


  1. This is the most awesome thing ever!!


  2. Wow,wow,wow!!!!!
    Extraordinary postings,all those treasures made by human hands!I adore all of them!The are funny,interesting,cute ,adorable!
    It was a real trip to see what 's on a human mind and what talent someone has to do all those!
    Finally we have an acceptable day meaning the temperatures! Everynight is so hot and we have a bad night sleep waking in a bath of sweat.I am otfen nervous for this and things aren't going in the right way!We had a referendum here for the president dismissal but there was a too much high number to reach and...it's not possible to escape! He is the most uggliest man,a thief and despot I 've ever know! I hate him as well as 7,5 million people(who said yes ) against less than a million one for "no" It's a bad situation and the crises is getting higher and higher! I almost cannot find my peace to create beautiful things.... Sorry for this but I wanted you to know what's going on over here! I still hope I will recover somehow and concentrate on things I should do this summer time(repeating things in English,teach her a little french,conserve vegetables and fruits,and ...from time to time a little card while resting and locking my thoughts in something that produces a little satisfaction.
    How are the boys? When is school starting this year? (at 1st September here) hugs,and love ,

  3. Love the fence, so pretty.. and the bathroom..lol Been away from my blog for awhile but have missed popping in on you. Hopefully it slows down here and I can get back to my regularly scheduled blogging..lol

  4. Fun images!!! I'm not a dog in the purse kind of gal, but that's pretty funny!