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Monday, June 4, 2012

Another Blogging Hiatus

Sorry pallies, for slacking in the blog department. Don't know why but I seem to lack the inspiration or motivation to blog these days. Blame it on the lousy weather we're experiencing - the heat just sucks out whatever energy that's left in you or maybe it's this turning 50 thing - you wake up one day and realize that you don't want to squander away whatever that's left of your mortality though you haven't the faintest idea what you wanna do. But  I missed you, my dear online buddies! I really don't have anything to blog about so I took a couple of pics of Oreo, our pet guinea pig just to get my blog going.
Isn't  she adorable?
It took quite an effort to persuade Josh to stand in front of the camera. It was so much easier when they were kids!


  1. Well, somebody had to hold Oreo up so we could see him better!! ;) Hahaha!

    I'm feeling the same way, pally. There is so much going on at home these days, that I don't have 5 minutes to think of a story to tell, more or less post it. Work is busy too, so I'm tapped. I've done nothing but basically post cat photos lately--lame, I know.

    Maybe a break is what we need. I'm going to NYC in a couple of days, so I think the Duck and Wheel may just sit quiet for a day or two. Do you think the world will end??? Nah.

    Miss ya!

  2. Oreo looks adorable. We have not had a guinea pig for a pet.
    I think it's alright to slow down, so just stay in touch . We all have our periods of inactivity.

  3. Hi Veronica,
    I found some beautiful images on Internet and so my peaceful times are gone with the wind!I feel like making lots of cards with them and I feel so happy about the results! Dana was a little bit ill but now is Ok! She will be leaving in a trip on Wednesday and returns on Thursday and I feel mad about it!We never parted "so long"....
    Well,I'll keep busy,phonning and I don't know what else .so the time will have to pass somehow!
    Oreo is so sweet and.. what a handsome son you have! I am so happy you posted his photo !Hope you'll reach your energy very soon as I missed you a lot!
    hugs and cheers

  4. I've been away too, got very busy sewing and planning C's b-day bash. So glad to be able to reconnect with you..always miss being away from your blog. Love the first picture of Oreo, he looks so angelic..lol

  5. Oreo has a sweet life. After taking at lest 2 hours of down loading pictures onto my blog I am beginning to to think life is to short not to say the least of the time I spend in SPELL CHECK! Thinking of going to a wordless blog!

  6. Found you through the Blog Hop and I was attracted to your title! I too have been on a small hiatus, it's just hard to find the time or motivation to keep more than family members entertained at times! I'm excited to get to know you better, Happy Monday!

  7. Wow do I understand this! Sometimes I hit a wall where inspiration just doesn't seem to exist. Blog breaks are great for rekindling your creativity. My favorite picture is of Josh and Oreo. One day, you will look back on that picture and see just how quickly the kids have grown into men.

  8. Hey there! Love your blog! I found you via the MMM blog hop and just added myself to your followers! Also I wanted to invite you to come enter a fabulous Steve Madden giveaway I'm having right now!!
    Hope to see you there! And thanks so much lady!


  9. Hello again.you have beautiful comments here-you are loved by the people coming here!Hey,this means that you spread a lot of trust and positive thoughts to the people- you are a SPECIAL LADY! Thank you for the comments and for your idea,it's an honour to be on your blog!
    Love you always!
    Ps:Dana made an account on Tweeter and Pinterest,she is so ambitous and I am proud she seems to like using the PC and try to get the best of it! hugs,

  10. You are too cute! Love your photos of Oreo and Josh! :o)

    I have been out of the blog loop too! But after my 3 month blog break, I have finally posted my recent post and also wanted to do some blog visiting of those blogs on my sidebar. Hope all is well and I surely miss dear blog visits from friends such as you!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    If you have a chance, I hope you stop by.

  11. Hi! I found you through the blog hop and am loving your blog. Hoping you get a chance to drop by bloggitymoo.blogspot.com

  12. I love this pic of your Oero! I have a guinea pig also his name is Rocky ( after the Rocky movies) he looks a lot like your piggy!

  13. Oreo is cute! I wish I could have a furry pet!

    I was told by an allergist doc to never have anything furry. I thought a rabbit would be ok. My roomate in college got one. NOPE! I was a red eyed, snot blowing fool!

    My youngest loves dogs! I'd love to get one for him.

    He'll have to have a frog, toad, fish or a lizard.