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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Pocket Full Of Buttons

Stephanie and I have been bloggy buddies since 2008. If you haven't met her already, let me introduce this multi-talented lady, the author of A pocket Full Of Buttons. Steph never ceases to amaze me with her endless talents. For starters, she wows me with the super cute bentos she makes for her family.

Even Hubby gets a whale of a treat!

This mommy of 2 sweet princesses is a seriously gifted photographer. Hop over to her gallery at S.Darmock Photography and you'll know what I mean.
These are some of my faves

She's also an incredibly talented seamstress who loves to sew for her two gorgeous daughters

Stephanie sells her adorable outfits at her Etsy Shop

Did I mention she's a fantastic cook as well? Here's how Steph describes herself -
"I am a hyper blogging, tattoo loving, amateur photographer and a big time foodie. I am a monster on the sewing machine and a known fabric hoarder. I take my coffee via IV drip to keep up with my two fabulous little girls. I am wife and sidekick to an amazing United States Marine and could not love our life more.

I am confident but shy, passionate but easygoing, complicated but simple, unfettered, protective and loyal to a fault. Some call me an enigma. Love me or leave me, but here is where I stand.

She certainly is a loyal bloggy buddy and I love, love, love this amazing lady!


  1. Some many cute ideas and pictures. I love it. I am following you now from the Tuesday Blog Hop. Feel free to check out my blog and say hi! :)

    I forgot to put my blog address. Blessings and happiness for the New year!

  3. Wow! She really is multitalented isn't she? Those photos are amazing!

  4. Wow, those are some amazing photos! Wish I had an eye and talent like that!


  5. Woah, the bentos alone are fantastic! I wish I had the motivation to do that for my family! :-)

  6. What a great feature...about me...LOL Thank you so much sweetness, it has been my pleasure all these years to get to know you and your family and call you my bloggy bud. You are pretty superfantabulous yourself ya know :)

  7. Oh my gosh...she is sooo creative!! I wish she could make me lunch!!! LOL!

    And I can totally appreciate custom handmade clothing! When my youngest was 2-3 years old, that's all I bought for her!!!!! Love it!

  8. How creative!! I love that octopus!

  9. So much creativity in one person just doesn't seem fair! ;D Those bento boxes are just amazing!

  10. WOW! I'm such a lump in comparison! Is there anything she does poorly???

  11. I love those bento box lunch creative!! Beautiful photography too!