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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Can Cars

Sandy Sanderson of Hamilton, New Zealand creates awesome miniature racing cars from empty drink cans. We're talking circa 1920 vintage models of the Roadster, Jeep and buggy - all complete with steering, gear stick, dashboard meters and other details.
Check out his masterpieces at

12 Heineken Beer Cans

17 Waikato Beer Cans

28 Rheineck Beer Cans

16 Guinness Cans

30 Waikato Beer Cans

20 CocaCola Cans

8 Coruba & Cola Cans


Lin said...

Wow! And to think I just crush my beer cans. :)

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Everytime I see something creative like this, I think, "I've missed my calling!"

She's very talented.

blueviolet said...

How do people get to be so creative? I love these!

yonca said...

She is very creative.

Buggys said...

Hey, those are really fun!

MeMandB said...

First thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoy reading your blog also. And this entry, wow...very creative.

Mrs. Call Me Crazy said...

I love those cars! What a great way to recycle and a great reason to drink beer out of a can!

Andrea-Memories As A Mom said...

Those are super impressive!!!! Wow!

I appreciate the well wishes on my blog last week. I am feeling a lot better now, thank you!

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