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Friday, December 26, 2008

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is to draw the curtains in every room. I freak out at the sight of the sun's rays streaming through the windows of a room. Think UV light - the number one aging factor especially in a country like Malaysia where the UV rays are intense all year round. I do not go out in the sun unless I have slathered on sunscreen.
It's bad enough I have this permanent scowl on my face ( blame Hubby and the boys). I do not need another catalyst in my already ageing skin. The United States Environmental Protection Agency reports that premature aging (most of the wrinkles and brown spots we see on our faces ) -- up to 90% of them -- are not actually age related, but are caused directly by sun exposure.
This obsession of mine drives the family crazy but wait .... before you think I'm weird, read on about these famous oddballs.

Charlize Theron
Obsession: Neatness
Charlize says she frets about stuff left in cabinets and how messy it all must be! She actually loses sleep over this kooky obsession!

Cameron Diaz
Obsession : Doorknobs
She gets grossed out by door handles and refuses to touch them with her bare hands. Instead, she uses her elbows to turn the knobs. Sounds like a germaphobe to me.

Leornadio DiCaprio
Obsession: Cracks on sidewalk
"I remember as a child, stepping on cracks on the way to school and having to walk back a block and step on that same crack or that gum stain," DiCaprio told About.com at the time the Hughes biopic "The Aviator" was released.

Jennifer Love Hewitt
Obsession: Closet doors
When asked once what she inherited from her mother, the stunning actress replied: 'Everything. I'm really strong like her, and very stubborn like her when it's something I really believe in,' she says. 'I also have a little OCD like her. Except we have it about different things. My Mom counts steps, while I cannot go to sleep if there are any cabinet doors or closets open in my house. It's very strange and weird.'

Alec Baldwin
Obsession : Cleaning
Alec says, "I'm very OCD, I find. I'm ashamed to say that. I come home and I'm like, 'Did somebody move that book?' I just notice everything. I'm very kind of observant. I'll have to catch a plane, like I'm in a hurry to go somewhere, and I'm in my kitchen rinsing out the glasses. I have a housekeeper that can do that and I'm sitting there cleaning the glass."

Squidward J. Tentacles and David Beckham
Obsession: Asymmetry of odd numbers
While Squidward doesn't eat or drink anything odd numbered (eg a glass of lemonade with three seeds in it ), Beckham hates the asymmetry of odd numbers, and will throw away one can of Diet Pepsi if he has three in the fridge

So what's your obsession? Come on 'fess up!

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  1. I also worry that I didn't close my garage door. I've circled back through the neighborhood oodles of times to make sure. Of course, it's always closed.

  2. If we ever eat at a buffet restaurant, I never touch those big serving spoons. I always use a napkin. I can't imagine all the gross hands that touched those things.

  3. REally, Veronica?? You have to live with your curtains shut?? Hmmmm.

    I have tons of weird stuff, but it mostly goes with cleanliness. I vacuum everyday, but that is because I don't like to step on the cat liter that Hobbes and Grace spread all over the place.

  4. Omgosh do you really want to know LOL....

    I think I have OCD. I check my purse about a bizillion times to make sure I have my credit card or tickets etc. I check it over and over.

    I also at night check the doors and make sure they are locked and that every curtain is closed there are no places where someone could see in. ROFL... sick I know....

    OCD for cleaning NOT SO much LMAO..

    The opposite in the morning I open all the drapes to let the sun in to warm the house , then I shut it about 12.

    LOL my word verification is lailogyi wth? lOL boy do I hate WV.

  5. ALicia thanks alot now, I didn't think of that. NOW I will never go to a buffet again. CUz think about it if the person doesnt wash their hands OMG that is so disgusting LMAO

    blueviolet hey girl: OMG I do that sometimes when jeff is with the girls because he doesnt close it sometimes and I am paranoid

  6. ocd is a very difficult disease!!!

    hugs and love!
    very brave of you to share..

  7. If I wash the dishes, I cannot do it wearing gloves. I need to be able to feel every surface and I need to hear that squeaky sound when I rub my finger over a surface to know that I'd gotten the grease out.

  8. Oh man where do I start? I have a ton of this but I will only name three.

    1. Closing the shower curtain - I can't stand it if the shower curtain is left open. This is a constant issue in my hose because my kids never close the shower curtain lol.

    2. Crumbs - I hate crumbs lol they just gross me out. So I obsessively clean up any crumbs lol.

    3. Fire hazards. I will get out of the bed and check to make sure there are no fire hazards in the even that we need to make a quick dash lol. I even do this away from home, I scan rooms looking for potential fire hazards lol. But, that one I think is perfectly logical.

    Loved this post thanks for sharing!

  9. Rereading my comment I remembered a 4th one..Typos. I obsess about making them ..yet they always get past me :(

  10. I share so many of these obsessions, I dont like germs, don't touch doorknobs, can't leave with dishes undone, need things neat, cannot sleep with open closets... seriously I think I do every one of these things... and more. My list is waaaay too long.

  11. I used to have to count words as people were speaking and they had to be divisable by 4. If they weren't, I'd have to listen or talk until they were. Same with the tv or radio. It was terrible. I finally broke myself of it, but sometimes slide back into it. Weird stuff.

  12. I didn't even know that my post got published already! I'd forgotten to reset the time... I wasn't done updating that post yet. Anyway, YOU have a couple of awards! Come on over. :)

  13. Okay, I cannot sleep with any of the closets in our bedroom open even a crack! LOL! Just like Jennifer Love Hewitt. Also, my mouth does not feel clean after brushing my teeth unless, when i brush my tongue, I gag a little. Weird? ;-)

  14. Whaddaya know? I don't have any!! True. But now that snatch thieves are a plenty, I keep changing my handbag from my left arm to the right, now and then when I 'm on the streets.

  15. I'm definitely a germaphobe. It's really hard for me and not very fun of course. I know I drive my husband crazy with it sometimes.

  16. Hi Veronica Lee! I left you the Honest Scrap Award on my site for being so honest about OCD: http://mommyisgreen.blogspot.com/2009/10/honest-scrap-award.html