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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Air Supply

I SHOOK RUSSELL HITCHCOCK'S HAND!!! Another item to strike off from my bucket list!
For nearly 30 years, I had wanted to catch Air Supply's show live but each time they came to Malaysia, something always came up. I couldn't watch them perform the first time they came to Malaysia because I was sitting for a major examination. And after waiting for an eternity for them to come the second time round, the organizers cancelled their show. And when they came again the third time, I was heavily pregnant with Josh and didn't want to risk giving birth to him in a packed autitorium amidst thousands of screaming fans. The duo came to Malaysia several times after that but each time their concert was held in the Genting Highlands Resort and I didn't fancy taking a nauseous long and winding drive up a hill knowing that I would end up sick throughout the show.
When I heard that they were performing in the Kuala Lumpur Hilton in June, I was ecstatic! This time I had no examination to sit for, definitely not pregnant and the venue was less than a 30 minute drive away!! Then WHO declared the H1N1 pandemic!! With bated breath and my fingers crossed, I waited impatiently for the concert, half expecting it to be canceled anytime.
When I was actually attending the show, I still couldn't believe it was for real. There were technical hitches and the pessimist in me thought maybe the show couldn't go on after all.
But it did, it finally happened!! The show was awesome and I loved every second of it. Man, it was soooo nostalgic as the dynamic duo brought back many wonderful memories from the 80s.

Met a pallie at the show. I'm the one on the right.

My jaw dropped when Graham Russell walked down the stage and sang right in front of me!


  1. Lucky! I love Air Supply! Did you pee your pants when he sang in front of you??

    They let you snap pictures with your camera?

    Did they sound just as good as before?

  2. Wow, you even know their names; I only know them collectively as Air Supply! LOL!

    Embarrassing to admit, but I think I can c1roon along to almost all their songs :)

  3. Wow! They were so close!! How fun is that, seeing a band you love. We saw Sting and The Police last year, and I nearly died. It was great to see them again, so I know how you feel. :)

    "I'm lost in love...."

  4. Great Pictures!! And how lucky are you! That looks like a great place to see them.

  5. What fun!! Hubby and I love Air Supply. I made him a mixed tape (remember those lol) when we first started dating and it was mostly Air Supply songs :o)

  6. Do you know how much I love Air Supply?! LOL! My brother and I would sit in front of our record player, singing along to their songs, holding the album cover! Looks like they're still doing an awesome job!


    I have all their CD's LOL
    I'm so happy you finally got to see them bestest buddie!
    Did you get to buy any of their tour things? Shirts? cups? I always made hubby get me those so I could pack'um away and relive my moments with my bands I love so dearly! LOL

  8. Wow! I'm glad you got to see them!

  9. Did you make love out of nothing at all?!??!?!

  10. Did you make love out of nothing at all?!??!?!

  11. Oh my gosh! I adore Air Supply!! That is so much fun!

  12. This is the awaited time for us here in General Santos City, Philippines to experience Air Supply Concert. Air Supply is my favorite band as ever, I was in 1st year high school when I and my family watched their concert in Hawaii through BETAMAX, and since then, I dreamed to watch their concert live. Now, I am so much excited for their coming on October 2, 2009 live concert here in our city. Yeheey!!! Cheers. Thanks for sharing this to us Veronica!! I really love it.